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About this website

Browser compatibility

This website has been tested for compatibility with the following web browsers:

Browser Status
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 compatible
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 compatible
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 appears compatible (testing incomplete)
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or newer compatible
Apple Safari 2.0 or newer compatible

File formats


All PDF files on this website are compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or newer. Users of older versions should upgrade to the latest version, available on Adobe's website. If you experience problems viewing PDF files with an appropriate viewer, please contact us with the name of the document and of the page containing the link to the document.


Beginning with the 2008-09 school year, videos posted on this website are encoded in the MP4 format, providing a good balance of video quality and compatibility with each of the leading operating systems. Additionally, this format is compatible with recent versions of the free Flash player (version 9.0.115 or newer), allowing for playback in web browsers using the JW FLV Media Player. Prior to the 2008-09 school year, videos were posted as FLV (Flash video) files.

Language translation

Web page translation is powered by Google Translate, with help from the jquery-translate javascript plug-in to provide "in-place" translation. The language choices provided are based upon our available demographic information and a desire to keep the list at a reasonable length. As with all software-based translation, the results do not approach the fluency of a native speaker or possess the skill of a professional translator. 100% accurate machine translation is very difficult to attain, as the meaning of words depends on the context in which they're used. We hope you find the website translations useful, if not completely accurate.


Javascript libraries

This website uses the jQuery and jQuery-ui frameworks with a selection of plug-ins to add tooltips, image captions, and translation, as well as extend drop-down menu behavior.

Credits and licensing information

  • The jQuery framework is copyright © 2009 John Resig and subject to the MIT license.
  • The jQuery-ui framework is copyright © 2009 Paul Bakaus and subject to the MIT license.
  • The jCaption plug-in is copyright © 2009 Joel Sutherland and subject to the MIT license. This plug-in automatically adds captions below images on pages throughout the website.
  • The jGrowl plug-in is copyright © 2009 Stan Lemon and subject to the MIT license. This plug-in creates transient notification boxes to the top-right corner of the page. At present, this plug-in is used to report page translation status.
  • The qTip plug-in is copyright © 2009 Craig Thompson and subject to the MIT license. This plug-in handles the pop-up captions for the rotating homepage picture.
  • The superfish plug-in is copyright © 2008 Joel Birch and subject to the MIT license. This plug-in makes CSS-based menus more usable by adding a delay before closing each drop-down menu, avoiding accidental "mouse-out" closures.

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