Social-Emotional Learning

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Jennifer Rogers, PBSES Coordinator

State standards

Current Materials 

  • Varies 

Adoption process and timeline

  • Teacher adoption committee: Formed January 2016
  • Meeting dates:
    • January 27: Determine consensus and norms, share charter and process, review research. 
    • February 5: Curriculum review, screen materials, prepare for field testing
    • March 15:  Review field test input, analyze materials, make recommendation, IMC preparation
    • May 5:  IMC Presentation
    • June 2:  IMC Review and Vote
    • June 3 – 17: Public Review – date is contingent on IMC Recommendation – but tentatively planned
    • June 22:  School Board Review – date is contingent on IMC Recommendation – but tentatively planned


February 5, 2016
The Social-Emotional Learning Materials Selection Committee met for the second time on February 5, 2016. After reviewing the screening tools, the group divided into grade level teams to examine five curriculum options:  Ruler, Second Step, The 4 Rs, Social Decision-Making Problem-Solving, and Mind Up. The committee discussed the merits of each program and made a decision to forward Mind Up and Second Step to be field tested. 

January 27, 2016
The first meeting of the K-5 Social-Emotional Learning Materials Selection committee  was January 27, 2016. The group reviewed and discussed norms, the consensus process, state standards, vision , research and goals. The group built an understanding of the selection process and screening tools that will be used to select materials.