The Washington Alternative Assessment System (WAAS) provides assessment options to students who are not able to participate on state assessments, even with accommodations. A student must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to access these options. There are three WAAS options:

  1. Developmentally Appropriate Profiency Exam (DAPE) with a Grade Level Change - The IEP team determines that the appropriate assessment is at a grade level lower than the student's chronological grade, with or without accommodations. This option is available only to students in grades 11 and 12 as needed to meet state graduation requirements.
  2. MSP/HSPE-Basic with a Standard Level Change. - The IEP team determines that proficiency level 2 (basic) is the appropriate performance level. This is only available for the current grade level Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) or High School Profiency Exam (HSPE) assessment and cannot be used for the DAPE listed above.
  3. Portfolio - For students with significant disabilities. The Portfolio shows a student's growth toward appropriate IEP goals for the year.

Students meeting WAAS standards will be awarded a Certificate of Individual Achievement (CIA) which will be recorded on their transcripts. The state legislature says that earning a CIA meets graduation requirements.

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