Graduation Requirements


The Issaquah School District believes that experiences available in high school classrooms enhance the probability of achieving a pattern for life-long learning as well as the achievement of life goals. To this end, the District has created a high school graduation policy and accompanying procedures.


Washington State has established specific requirements for graduation. Issaquah students meet those requirements by:
  1. Earning a Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA) or Certificate of Individual Achievement (CIA)
    Passing high school reading and writing on the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) is required to earn a diploma. Students may still earn a CAA or CIA (an option for special education students) by passing reading, writing and math. By 2013, students will be expected to also meet math and science standards to receive a diploma.

    Until 2013, students can still earn a diploma without one of the certificates if they:
    • Meet the state's learning standards in reading and writing
    • Earn two additional math credits after 10th grade.
    Beginning in 2011, the math HSPE was replaced by End of Course (EOC) assessments, which students take at the end of their algebra and geometry courses, whatever their grade level. In spring 2012, the state will similarly do away with the broad 10th-grade science HSPE and replace it with a biology EOC exam.
  2. Fulfilling class credit requirements: Course and credit requirements for earning a high school diploma are found in each school's annual course directory guide/catalog linked below. Graduation requirements are assigned according to a student's graduation year.
  3. Completing the Culminating Project requirement
    This learning project helps students understand the connection between school and the real world.
  4. Crafting a High School and Beyond Plan
    Students must detail their plans for meeting the high school graduation requirements and what they expect to do after graduation.

State high school transcript

All public schools in the state use the Washington State high school transcript.


For specific information about graduation requirements and your student's progress towards achieving them, please contact your school's career center or counseling office.

Issaquah High School Career Center (425) 837-6001
Liberty High School Career Center (425) 837-4849
Skyline High School Career Center (425) 837-7869
Tiger Mountain Community High School (425) 837-621

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