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Marianne Kaluza
Online Learning Coordinator

Audrey Winslow
Online Learning Registrar

Issaquah School District Online Learning 2016-17

October 4, 2016 Update

Registration for online courses for Fall 2016 is now closed.

Interested in online learning for Spring 2017?  Please review the information below for important information about online learning. 

Outside Credit Limit 

The outside credit limit for 9-12 graders is four (4) credits. Students may take up to four outside credits with a maximum of two credits taken in one school year.


Online Learning is a growing part of the education landscape, and the Issaquah School District is developing new strategies for students to take advantage of flexible learning opportunities.

With the approval of our new Online Learning policy and procedures in August 2010, we are now participating in the OSPI Digital Learning Department (DLD) program which offers OSPI-approved online courses.

Existing district policies apply for all Online Learning opportunities (registration, drop policy, academic integrity, discipline, technology use, etc.) OSPI approved online courses are granted credit in the same manner as other course offerings in the district. Students are also expected to comply with the OSPI DLD and Online Course Provider policies.

Interested in Online Learning?

  • Students will participate in an in-person orientation at the start of the course.
  • Building mentors are provided to help students succeed and monitor progress. Students are required to attend weekly online meetings/support sessions with the building mentor. The days and times vary by school. Please check with the school counselor regarding the schedule at your school. Students must agree to this commitment.
  • Students will take all unit exams, midterms and finals in-person, during proctored sessions. The proctored sessions will be at each high school and the schedule will be communicated to the students.
  • Are you ready for online learning? A few of the important skill sets of a successful online student include:
    • Self-motivation
    • Excellent organizational and time management skills
    • Good communications skills
    • Good technology skills and willingness to learn new technologies

How does the registration process work?

  • Print the Request for Outside Credit form, complete pages one and three and submit all pages (4) to your counselor for approval.
  • The counselor will complete the form and submit it to the Online Learning Department for registration.
  • The Online Learning Department (Marianne Kaluza/Audrey Winslow) will email the student confirmation of enrollment and payment information, if applicable.

Questions about which online course to choose?

We participate in the OSPI Digital Learning Department (DLD) program which offers OSPI-approved online courses. Discuss with your counselor and/or with the Online Learning Department to review online course offerings.  Go to the Quick Links box above to access links to course listings by provider.

Additional Information:

Click Here for Online Learning Options.


Marianne Kaluza
Online Learning Coordinator

Audrey Winslow
Online Learning Registrar