Welcome to MERLIN



MERLIN (Mind Education Right Left Integration) offers an enriched academic program that follows the same curriculum as the general education classes but goes deeper into the content, has a greater emphasis on higher level thinking skills and behaviors, moves at a quicker pace, requires more student work and independence, and provides acceleration in some subject areas. Expectations are high and the classroom environment is challenging and motivating to highly capable students.

Here's what third grade MERLIN students have to say about the program

  • "I was a little worried about leaving my friends [from my home school] but the first day of school was great and I got to know everyone, and now I like it." —Ethan
  • "[Kids in MERLIN] should try their hardest because they will be challenged." —Nathan
  • "When I was told that I got into MERLIN I was thrilled, and could not wait to begin. Then, finally the day came when we got to meet our teacher. I instantly liked her and knew it was going to be a fun year. The whole class and I made friends and we did so much together and had tons of fun." —Samprikta
  • "When I heard I was in MERLIN, I really wanted to go. MERLIN was a lot closer to my level, and I made new friends at Endeavour. I fit in here better. Kids in MERLIN will be more like you." —Daniel
  • "I chose to come to MERLIN so I could learn with kids like me and be educated at my level." —Sean
  • "Kids [in MERLIN] will be at your level of learning. That means when you work together, you learn from each other!" —Sherry
  • "In MERLIN [kids] are challenged to work as they can." — Jason


(Pictured, top right)  MERLIN Greek Myths Musical featuring Endeavour's three MERLIN classes
(Pictured, bottom right)  Classroom City—economics/citizenship unit