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Apollo Elementary School

Apollo Elementary School Addition/Modernization

Budget: $6.575 million

General contractor
TBD, Tentative Bid Date April 2013

Cornerstone Architectural Group, 206-682-5000

Features: Currently preparing permit drawings

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  • September 2014
    • Building project is complete.
    • New all-weather playfield is complete and in full use, some punch list items remain open until 9/27/2014.
    • Existing parking lots and roadways have been sealed and striped.
  • August 2014
    • Construction of building exterior/interior improvements in complete.
    • Construction of new sand playfield and improvements to hard surface area are on schedule for completion prior to September 3rd. Paving and striping were completed 8/26.
    • Window replacement is complete. Installation of exterior trim pieces and new window shades are on schedule to be completed by August 29th.
  • June, 2014
    • Remodel and Addition phase 2 is complete.
    • Installation of new rubber flooring in gym and multipurpose room has begun.
    • Re-coating of existing roofing has begun.
    • New classroom furniture is being delivered.
    • Replacement of existing windows with dual pane units begins 6/25/14.
  • May, 2014
    • Completing architects punch list.
    • Interior signage installing this week.
    • TCO from King County and City will be issued at the end of the month.
    • Ready to start Gym and Commons flooring June 19th, 2014.
    • Furniture is due early June.
    • New playfield to start immediately.
    • Existing single glazed exterior glass replacement planned for July.
  • April, 2014
    • Nearing competition of Phase two (classrooms, corridors and Multipurpose Room addition).
    • Classrooms are complete and punch list phase are in hallways and Multipurpose Room.
    • A/V systems are in final stages of completion.
    • Landscaped has been repaired.
    • Roofing is complete.
    • New rubber flooring is being installed, carpet is complete.
  • Febuary, 2014
    • Classroom A/V Systems are starting installation.
    • HVAC units are running and controls are underway.
    • Permanent lighting is complete.
    • Millwork is complete.
    • Sheet metal on roof is nearing completion.
    • Interior and exterior painting is nearly complete.
    • 2nd coat of exterior stucco is browned and nearly complete.
    • Panic hardware is installed and electronic security is underway.
  • January, 2014
    • Roofing is nearly complete.
    • Metal siding, flashing, coping is underway.
    • Stucco work has begun.
    • Window and door installation is nearly complete.
    • Interior is nearing completion (wall covering, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, HVAC).
    • Permanent lighting and HVAC is anticipated to be operational by the end of January.
    • Cafeteria expansion is nearly complete.
    • Interior and exterior painting is nearly complete.
  • October, 2013
    • Framing is nearly complete.
    • Brick exterior will start this week.
    • Painting of original building interior and exterior is nearly complete and prime painting of new classroom walls has begun.
    • Ceiling grid is being installed in classrooms.
    • Sheetrock is nearly complete in classrooms. Multipurpose Room expansion is being sheet rocked.
    • Roofing is continuing due to the extended dry weather.
  • August, 2013
    • Administration area is nearing completion and should be complete by September 3rd.
    • Classrooms 210, 202 and 203 are on schedule to be complete for LRC1 and LRC2 by September 3rd.
    • Concrete slabs are in place and framing of eight new classrooms is underway.
    • Music Room and Library alterations are nearing completion.
    • Cafeteria modifications are underway.
    • Students and Staff will have access to all facilities by September 3rd.
  • May, 2013
    • Project is currently out to bid, bids are due May 29th.
    • Both schools (IVE and AP) are being bid as one project with an Engineers Estimate of 6.5 million dollars.
    • Scope for each school is similar and includes the addition of eight new classrooms, revisions to the Administration area, expansion of the Commons, additions of activity areas and restrooms.
    • Project scope includes construction of a new sand playfield where the existing grass playfield is located, construction of a retention pond and associated storm drain piping, extension of a water line to improve hydrant flow and improve water quality, sidewalks and expansion of parking for staff.
  • March, 2013
    • Elementary addition: Design and construction documents are nearing completion.
    • Elementary addition: King County is reviewing permit drawings.
    • Elementary addition: Capital Projects is coordinating with Principal.
    • Elementary addition: Construction should begin by end of school year.
    • Playfield construction: Work will be under a separate contract (not included in the building addition)
    • Playfield construction: Design and construction documents are nearing completion.
    • Playfield construction: King County is reviewing permit drawings.
    • Playfield construction: Capital Projects is coordinating with Principal.
    • Playfield construction: Construction should begin by end of school year.
  • February, 2013
    • Elementary addition: Design drawings are nearing completion and bid phase drawings underway.
    • Elementary addition: Preliminary set has been submitted to King County and initial comments have been received.
    • Playfield construction: Design drawings are nearing completion and bid phase drawings underway.
    • Playfield construction: Preliminary set has been submitted to King County and initial comments have been received.
  • November, 2012
    • Schematic Design is complete and reviewed by Capital Projects staff and Principal
    • Preapplication meeting with Construction planned for mid-November
    • Anticipate completed bid documents by spring 2013
    • Anticipate Building Permit by summer 2013
    • Anticipate construction start summer 2013 for building additions. Field work will be completed under a separate permit. The site work permit will likely take longer to process due to the usual lengthy storm water review process; our goal is to start the building addition at the same time as Issaquah Valley Elementary School

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