High School Sports

The spring sports registration packet includes a new Form #9 – Informed Consent form specific to each spring sport.  This form replaced the Inherent Risk form and is required for clearance. Please make sure that you have the correct #9 form.  The athletic secretaries will have copies of the new Informed Consent form if needed. 

Building Athletic Directors
Issaquah High School—Luke Ande
Liberty High School—Loren Krogstad
Skyline HIgh School—Andrew Brownson

All student athletes must complete an eligibility process at the school athletic office EACH SEASON for EACH SPORT in which they wish to participate.

All forms in the SPORTS ELIGIBILITY PACKETS must be properly filled out and filed with the athletic secretary before a student can be cleared to participate in a sport. Originals of all eligibility forms are required. We cannot accept photocopies of eligibility forms.

A clearance card will be issued only when all requirements have been met. NO ATHLETE is allowed to participate in practice until the coach has the clearance card.

  • Academic eligibility
  • Sports Physicals
  • Athletic handbook
    All student athletes are expected to know and abide by the information contained in the Issaquah School District 2014-2015 Student Athletic Handbook .
  • ASB cards
  • Sports fees
  • School fees and fines
  • Sports fee refunds
  • Athletes who are cut from a team are responsible for requesting a refund within the current sports season.
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