High School Sports Eligibility

Building Athletic Directors
Issaquah High—Luke Ande
Liberty—Loren Krogstad
Skyline—George Crowder

All forms in the eligibility packet must be properly filled out and the originals filed with the athletic secretary before a student can be cleared to participate in a sport.


The spring sports registration packet includes a new Form #9 – Informed Consent form specific to each spring sport.  This form replaced the Inherent Risk form and is required for clearance. Please make sure that you have the correct #9 form.  The athletic secretaries will have copies of the new Informed Consent form if needed. 

Important note: Originals of all eligibility forms—including the sports physical form signed by the physician—are required. We cannot accept photocopies of eligibility forms.

Eligibility packets

You will need Adobe Acrobat to download and print eligibility forms. Click here for free Acrobat download.
  1. Print out the eligibility packet specifically for your sport from the list below.
  2. Schedule an appointment for a physical exam and have physician complete, sign, and stamp the physical form. Important note for incoming freshmen: Incoming freshmen must have a physical dated after June 1st.
  3. Make sure you have read through and signed/initialed all forms.
  4. Bring forms to school, pay all sports fees, and get cleared of all school fees/fines by the BOOKKEEPER.
  5. Then bring forms to the ATHLETIC SECRETARY.
  6. When the athletic secretary has received all properly completed original forms, she will give a CLEARANCE CARD to the athlete.
  7. Give the CLEARANCE CARD to the coach before turning out.
If you have any questions, please contact your building athletic director or athletic secretary for assistance.

Additional form required for home-schooled and private school-enrolled student athletes

If you are participating in District sports and are home-schooled or enrolled in a private school and not enrolled in an Issaquah School District school, you will need to print and complete the Home-School and Private Enrollment Packet and turn it in along with your eligibility packet.

Eligibility packets by sport

Please download, print, read, sign, and return an eligibility packet for each sport in which you participate. If you make an error on one of the forms and need a new one, simply scroll to the page in the packet and reprint it. Back to Sports home page