Find Your School and Bus Route

E-LINK is your way to find your school and bus route details.

Please read completely through the following directions, then click on one of the links:
  1. Click on E-LINK: Find your regular bus route.
    Click on SNOW E-LINK: Find your emergency snow route.
    NOTE : Because of differences in geography, some areas of the district do not have emergency stops.If your area does not have an emergency snow route assigned, your regular stop will display.
  2. Generic Username: parent
  3. Generic Password: student
  4. Select student grade level
  5. Enter house number, street address and zip code
  6. Click the Find School/Transportation info button*
E-Link will display your attendance area school, your bus number, the nearest stop to your house, and pick up and drop off times.Throughout the school year, pick up and drop off times may change. Parents will be notified anytime schedule changes are necessary.

*NOTE: If you see "The home address could not be automatically located on the map" in red text at the top of the page and "Home street not found - closest matches", followed by a pulldown menu in the middle of the page, find your exact street on the pulldown menu, then click on the blue "Use Selected Match" link. Then click the Find School/Transportation info button again.

QUESTIONS? Call Transportation at (425) 837-6333.

Helpful hints for Wednesday transportation schedules

E-link does not provide separate transportation schedules for Wednesday's modified school schedules. Families can determine how the modified Wednesday schedules will affect transportation times by remembering these points:

  • Elementary schools start at the same time every morning including Wednesdays so morning bus pick up times will remain constant throughout the week. Wednesday afternoon drop off times will be just over two hours earlier than Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday as elementary schools dismiss two hours and 10 minutes early each Wednesday afternoon.
  • Middle and high schools start approximately two and a half hours late each Wednesday, so morning bus pick up times will be approximately two and a half hours later than Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. Middle and high schools dismiss about 30 minutes later on Wednesdays, so Wednesday afternoon drop off times will be about 30 minutes later than Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons.
  • See bell times for your specific school on the bell times page.

Activity bus routes 2014-2015

Activity bus routes for middle schools are listed below. Click on your school below for after-school routes, stops, and times—for non-Wednesdays and Wednesdays.

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