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Boundary Review

 Superintendent adopts committee’s final recommendation of school boundaries for implementation in fall 2010.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Superintendent Steve Rasmussen today officially adopted the school boundaries contained in the Boundary Review Committee's final recommendation for implementation in fall 2010. In a letter to the community, he explained that the new boundaries not only meet the most fundamental goal—creating boundaries for a new Plateau elementary and middle school—but also achieve balance among school utilization District-wide while creating remarkably clean feeder patterns.

Because the Issaquah School District operates under Policy Governance, the superintendent has authority over school boundary changes, including the process and final adoption. Dr. Rasmussen and committee members will give an informational presentation to the School Board about the new boundaries at a business meeting, at 7 p.m. Wednesday, December 10, at the Administration Building.

Update: Wednesday, December 10

As Dr. Rasmussen analyzed the committee's recommendation, he has decided to announce his decision prior to the School Board meeting on Dec. 10 in order to allow community members to hear the presentation with a clearer understanding of the decision-making authority under Policy Governance.

Thursday, October 16

The Boundary Review Committee passed its final boundary recommendations to Superintendent Steve Rasmussen at the October 15 meeting. The Superintendent will present the boundary proposal to the School Board in December before officially approving the new boundaries, for implementation in September 2010. The District and schools will thereafter shift focus to begin a communication and transition plan to help all students and families feel welcome and informed if they are moving to a new school.


WHAT  A Districtwide boundary review is underway and that’s good news! The boundary process will ensure that students have the best learning environment for years to come. Schools that operate with the right balance of students are able to provide the best learning environment for all students–significant overcapacity means crowding and a shortage of physical space while significant undercapacity means inefficient use of District resources because the school has to be subsidized to provide a proportionate amount of services (essentially, the per-pupil state funding does not equal the cost to run the building).

HOW  All school boundaries will be evaluated, and a Boundary Review Committee will have two voting members from every school: the principal and a parent representative. The process will establish feeder patterns that will be implemented in the fall of 2010 when the new elementary on the Sammamish Plateau opens, Pacific Cascade Freshman Campus converts to a middle school, and Issaquah High and Skyline welcome back their freshmen.

WHEN  Boundary Review Committee meetings—open to the public—will be held on the following Wednesdays in the Administrative Board rooms from 6:00-8:30 pm. The Boundary Review Committee expects to make a recommendation to the Superintendent—who will carry the recommendation forward to the School Board for final acceptance—by fall 2008.

Agendas will be posted before each meeting. Mini meeting summaries will be available the day after the meeting. Draft summaries will be posted several working days after the meeting. They will be replaced with official summaries after the committee approves them at the next meeting.

February 27 Admin Agenda Mini summary Official summary
March 5 Admin Agenda Mini summary Official summary
March 19 Admin Agenda Mini summary Official summary
April 2 Admin Agenda Mini summary Official summary
April 16 Admin Agenda Mini summary Official summary
April 30 Admin Agenda Mini summary Official summary
May 7 Admin Agenda Mini summary Official summary
June 4 Admin Agenda Mini summary Official summary
October 1 Admin Agenda Mini summary Official summary
October 15 Admin Agenda Mini summary Draft summary

 Three Public Preview nights were held last spring.

  • May 20:   Liberty, Commons 204
  • May 21:   Skyline, Low Commons
  • May 22:   Issaquah High, Commons



  • E-mail your comments to Boundary Review Committee. Your comments will be shared with each committee member at each meeting.
  • Review materials in the public binder at Boundary Review Committee meetings.
  • Review the materials in the public binder at the Administration Building during business hours.


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