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2012 state assessment score release

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Issaquah students continued to significantly outscore the state in all categories on 2012 assessments, including the new biology End of Course (EOC) exam, according to results released today by the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

“This is just the beginning of our work,” said Issaquah Superintendent Steve Rasmussen. “We get into the nitty-gritty details of our assessment scores, and individual schools and teachers use them to target and make plans to help all students, groups of students, and individual students succeed.”

The score release includes results from the 2012 administration of the Measurements of Student Progress (MSP), High School Proficiency Exams (HSPEs), and math and biology EOC exams.

The EOC exams are taken by students whenever they complete the corresponding coursework, regardless of their grade. This is a switch away from a generic math and science assessment taken by all sophomores.

Overall, the Issaquah School District made gains and continued to significantly outscore the state average across grade levels and subjects on the 2012 assessments. In particular, reading scores improved significantly in seventh grade (13.9 percentage point increase).

The scores are still preliminary and will fluctuate as the district goes through the reconciliation process of manually fixing errors such as testing booklets with misspelled names.

2012 state assessment highlights: percent of students meeting standard

  • Math EOC 1 (all students): ISD—89.9; state—71.0
  • Math EOC 2 (all students): ISD—95.5; state—79.1
  • Math 8th-grade: ISD—77.1; state—56.9
  • Math 7th-grade: ISD—82.5; state—56.9
  • Math 6th-grade: ISD—83.6; state—61.4
  • Math 5th-grade: ISD—83.9; state—63.7
  • Math 4th-grade: ISD—83.6; state—59.3
  • Math 3th-grade: ISD—81.8; state—65.3
  • Biology EOC: ISD—84.0; state—64.1
  • Science 8th-grade: ISD—85.4; state—66.3
  • Science 5th-grade: ISD—85.4; state—66.1
  • Reading 10th-grade: ISD—93.5; state—81.1
  • Reading 8th-grade: ISD—83.8; state—67.2
  • Reading 7th-grade: ISD—88.2; state—71.2
  • Reading 6th-grade: ISD—84.3; state—70.6
  • Reading 5th-grade: ISD—87.4; state—71.0
  • Reading 4th-grade: ISD—87.7; state—71.4
  • Reading 3th-grade: ISD—83.7; state—68.7
  • Writing 10th-grade: ISD—95.6; state—85.2
  • Writing 7th-grade: ISD—89.6; state—71.0
  • Writing 4th-grade: ISD—81.2; state—61.3

Complete assessment information, including score reports and AYP data for schools, districts, and the state, is available online.

Using data to improve the system for all learners

Every Issaquah school will now begin the annual process of disaggregating its entire assessment portfolio, which includes the state assessments, to identify specific strategies to support groups of students not meeting standard, to boost subject areas that may have stagnated in growth, and to continue to push all students toward the highest level of achievement. The result is outlined in a data-driven, goal- and action-oriented Continuous Improvement Plan.

“The data we receive from assessments is a powerful tool,” Rasmussen said. “It is a snapshot of how our system is doing, but—more importantly—it drives our strategies for reaching all levels of students to push their learning even higher.”

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