565 NW Holly Street, Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 837-7000

About our school

Apollo Elementary School students and their families feel safe, welcomed, encouraged and proud of their school. It offers a wide range of elementary programs and meets the needs of all students who enter its doors–from those who qualify for special services to those who qualify for gifted and talented classrooms. It is one of two elementary schools in the District offering the MERLIN program, the all-day accelerated learning experience for grades 3, 4, and 5 that immerses qualifying students in critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving.

All School Writes three times each year engage pre-school through fifth grade students in writing activities. Teachers score the papers in teams and learn a lot from the lively discussions that take place as they evaluate and track student progress across time.

Apollo dismisses classes early every Wednesday for two hours of staff collaboration.

Please visit the online ISD Community Report for information about the Issaquah School District’s mission, overall performance, and budget.

Driving directions

From I-405 Northbound:

  • Take the Sunset Blvd./Issaquah exit
  • Continue on Sunset approximately 2 miles to 148th Ave. SE
  • Turn right on 148th Ave. SE
  • Turn left on 117th Street SE
  • Continue up the hill to the school

From Issaquah:

  • Go south on SR900/Issaquah-Renton Road approximately 8 miles
  • Turn left on 148th Ave. SE
  • Turn left on 117th Street SE
  • Continue up the hill to the school

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