Addendum to High School Social Studies

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State standards

What materials we use now

  • 9th grade: World History (Prentice Hall)


  • May 12, 2017

Time Frame

  • Materials for adoption to go before the Instructional Materials Review Committee in September 2017, and upon IMC’s recommendation to go to the School Board in November 2017 for their consideration and potential approval.


Additional instructional materials for Grade 9 World History 1, Honors World History 1, AP Human Geography, and Civics will add multiple perspectives to the teaching of History. The group will make recommendations and plans based on improving student learning by fostering collaborative work between and among, schools, teachers, principals, parents, students, and education professionals. As issues are discussed and solutions are suggested, the group will ensure that decisions adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Standards Based – Support the state social studies standards and primary understandings of the best national models to include appropriate content, assessment that can be used for formative or summative purposes, inquiry/processing, and how children learn. 
  2. Multicultural – Reflect the multiple cultural perspectives required of American and global citizenship.
  3. Student Learning – Support meaningful, effective, and efficient student learning.
  4. All Students – Support the full continuum of student learning needs at all achievement levels and of all learning profiles.
  5. Curriculum Coherence – Support consistent outcomes within and between each grade level, ensuring that all students demonstrate learning mastery.
  6. Articulated Continuity – Ensure continuity between levels.
  7. Best Practices – Align with trend data from research-based best practices with populations similar to our own. 
  8. District Vision – Align with and support the ISD Ends.

May 12, 2017

A committee made up of representatives from all three district high schools met to discuss the Diversity Unit developed by Jaci Belur and Emily Young from IHS. The unit was vetted by Dr. Caprice Hollins of Cultures Connecting. The committee and determine the feasibility of the unit being adopted as a part of the curriculum. 

The unit:

  • Enhances our adopted curriculum
  • Provides a culturally sensitive lens through which students will view all Social Studies courses taken in HS
  • Increases student awareness of bias and capacity for cultural competency
  • Supports the prioritization of cultural competency by the ISD and the ISD School Board to prepare our students for life in a dynamic global environment.

The committee reviewed the unit lesson by lesson and the resources embedded in each lesson. They reached 100% consensus that the Diversity Unit be recommended to be added into the Grade 9 World History 1, Honors World History 1, AP Human Geography, and Civics scope and sequence. Each high school team collaborated on a plan for incorporating the unit in the scope and sequence. Our concepts, targets and activities will be aligned at all three schools. Implementation of the diversity unit will fit the existing model at each school, to ensure all 9th graders are exposed to the curriculum.