Meeting Minutes - February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018


Issaquah Valley Elementary – Portable 5 & 6, Thursday February 15, 2018, 7:30am – 3:00pm


Issaquah High Jared Fernandez*         Skyline  Bristin Bennett* 
  Alex Stevens     Corina Ciustea
Liberty Michael Brown       
  Eleonor Schneider*    Issaquah Admin Mark Jergens-Zmuda*
TLS, ELL Tricia Cecil   TLS, Admin Dawn Wallace 
TLS, Ed Tech Valerie Buck   TLS, Science TOSA Lena Jones 

* Selection Team Member

Please Bring: laptop or similar, common assessments to score, rubrics

Goals for the Day: 

  • Introductions
  • Norms
  • Charter
  • Familiarity with NGSS Standards
  • Score Common Assessment


  • 7:30am – 8:30am Introductions
    • Name, school, role, biggest hope and biggest fear for this work
Hopes Fears
Useful materials Materials will not be useful
Will develop an NGSS understanding
- How does it apply to this class?
Materials won’t have NGSS alignment or will compromise class
Still use Web Assign
Consider Digital Option
Try new things
Good for students
Too much for everyone to push through
Bad for everyone
I hope I am useful
Worthwhile process Timing at LHS considered
Innovative Idea NGSS Interpretation won't limit students
Tech incorporation  
Good foundation and read world application Not given enough time to prepare ourselves
GLAD strategies are of value and integrated logically GLAS is seen as separate or "dumbing down" of curriculum
Resource provided and we don't need to create everything (PPT, WS) Need support in engineering and labs
Time to work as a team Won't have time
Build an effective product Implementation consumes life 
PB engineering and real life application Parent support for rigor
Smooth transition  
Still be creative in the classroom There isn't enough value added
  • Predictable Dynamics in Groups 
  • 8:30a – 9:30a Norms, Charter
    • Norms: When I envision us as a highly successful, effective and productive Chemistry team, I assume…
      • Best intentions
      • We show up to all meetings.
      • Student learning is a priority.
        • Be mindful of all students.
        • Be mindful of school differences
      • Everyone will listen and contribute
      • All voices are heard
      • Everyone is open-minded and willing to compromise
      • We have knowledge of students and content
      • Be a positive ambassador
      • Be open to learning
      • Be gracious about fears in buildings
    • “High School Chemistry Materials Selection Charter” 
      • Consensus model: 100% of the team must agree.
        • One vote per comprehensive high school
    • Parent Survey and accompanying data.
  • 9:30a – 11:00a NGSS Boot Camp (everyone)
    • NGSS Standard “Sort”
    • Structure of the Standards:
      • Standards Bozeman Intro:
      • Parts of a standard worksheet with HS-ESS2-4
      • Read the “High School Physical Sciences” and “High School Earth & Space Sciences” storyline
        • Course Goals/Scientific Literacy:
          • Physics:
            • Describe and predict motion
            • Inquiry – engage in the process
            • Understand energy in systems on the macroscale (transfers and conservation)
          • Physical Sciences in High School:
            • Developing and using models
            • Data acquisition/analysis
            • Problem-solving/dissection
            • Effective scientific communication of findings
  • 11:00a Lunch
  • 12:00p – 1:30p Where do these fit?  Working with the new standards (everyone)
  • 1:30p – EOD Common Assessment Scoring & Collaborative Time
  • Planned Meetings:
    • February 15, IVE P5 – Charter, norms, review of content (NGSS), NGSS Structure and Storylines
    • April 25, ADMIN P7– Practices & CCC, best practices, view materials
      • Please read the literature in the “Informing the Selection” Tab of your Binder!
    • June 4, IVE P6 – Vote on which materials to field test and being planning (this is a crunch btw)