Meeting Minutes - April 25, 2018

April 25, 2018


Issaquah Valley Elementary – Portable 5, Thursday, April 25, 2018, 10:00am – 3:00pm


Issaquah High Jared Fernandez*         Skyline  Kristin Bennett* 
Liberty Eleonor Schneider*   Issaquah, Admin Mark Jergens-Zmuda*
TLS, ELL Tricia Cecil   TLS, Admin Dawn Wallace 
TLS, Ed Tech Valerie Buck   TLS, Science TOSA Lena Jones 

* Selection Team Member

Please Bring: laptop or similar, materials selection binder

Goals for the Day: 

  • Keep Increasing Familiarity with NGSS Standards
  • Begin learning the rubric
  • “High School Physics Materials Selection Charter” 
    • Consensus model: 100% of the classroom teachers must agree.


  • … Parent Survey and accompanying data on Actively Learn
  • NGSS Continuation
    • Science & Engineering Practices (SEPs)
      • SEPs jigsaw
      • Prediction
    • Cross Cutting Concepts (CCCs)
      • Reading
      • Prediction
    • SEP and CCC Progressions
    • Standards Card Sort
      • First impressions - Chemistry or Physics? (light blue is HS-LS, you can remove those for now)
        • Table 6: Modified Science Domain Model
      • Key Standards?
        • Think about what you'll use as a baseline for looking at materials.
  • EQuIP Rubric
  • Planned Meetings:
    • February 15, IVE P5 – Charter, norms, review of content (NGSS), NGSS Structure and Storylines
    • April 25, ADMIN P7– Practices & CCC, best practices, view materials
      • Please read the literature in the “Informing the Selection” Tab of your Binder!
    • June 4, IVE P6 – Vote on which materials to field test and planning