Meeting Minutes - April 26, 2019

April 26, 2019


Issaquah Valley Elementary – Portable 7, Friday, April 26, 2019, 3:30pm – 5:50pm


Issaquah High Jared Fernandez*         Skyline  Kristin Bennett* 
Liberty Eleonor Schneider*    
TLS, ELL Tricia Cecil - absent   TLS, Admin Dawn Wallace 
TLS, Ed Tech Valerie Buck    TLS, Science TOSA Lena Jones 

* Voting Selection Team Member

Please Bring: laptop or similar, teacher materials, materials selection binder

Goals for the day:

  • Summarize Student Responses
  • Select Material to Adopt
  • Complete form 2020F2
  • Complete PPT points for IMC


  • 53-56% preferred traditional printed textbook
  • 37-43% preferred online textbook
  • ~10% preferred consumable textbook




Assessments and Problems:

· Can't go back to practice problems

· Need more practice problems

· Easy to quiz immediately after reading the summary

· Clear questions

· Students who did this second preferred it

· Stepped through problems clearly

· Questions had to be exactly right (problematic, since it didn't tell how many sig figs)

· Lesson checks not always obvious where they were and how to save


- More and more applicable practice problems

- Step through instructions for problems are clearer

Assessments and Problems:

· Assessments were too easy

· Assessments were confusing

· Not always clear when correct, just known when they were complete (for the practice problems)

· Sometimes the online text didn't provide quite enough to answer the question, but the teacher didn't know what was missing and how best to support it without doing their full "normal" lecture

· The assignments didn't seem to prepare well for the assessments

· Would be nice for students to just be able to see everything in the same place (e.g. at the end of an assignment)

· Students could (and did) cheat on the online assessments

Pacing: same as HMH


Pacing: easy to let students work at their own pace


· Normal online access issues



· consumable book could go home and wasn't too heavy. 

· Online text worked on most phones. Issues with online accessibility for some students (only 1 computer at home, parents limit screen time, etc)

Real World Applications and Connections:

· Phenomenon were clearly related


- Phenomenon more accessible to students

Real World Applications and Connections: liked the connections; some topics (e.g. plate tectonics) weren't connected strongly enough to the physics to make sense to students


· good visual aids

· Lots of videos (students seemed to like, didn't have trouble accessing or figuring out)

· Interactive visuals


- Slightly, due to easier access (e.g. videos)


· good diagrams and images

Online Text:

· Computer prompts can be overbearing

· Click fatigue


- Better organization

Online Text:

· organization was overcomplicated and required too many clicks to move through text

· the places that were clickable were not always obvious.


· Overall just challenging enough


- Level felt more appropriate to teachers and students


· Not rigorous enough

· Textbook felt middle school-ish to the students (which decreased buy-in)


· Liked the STEM project



· needed way more hands-on activities and labs

· need to be doable with equipment already in the classroom.

In Class:

· Easier than HMH to incorporate lectures and discussions because the curriculum has PPTs provided and clearer connections to phenomenon throughout the curriculum (although it could still be improved)


- Resources such as PPTs made it easier for teachers to do direct instruction that felt cohesive with the curriculum

In Class:

· Felt like an online course


  • 100% in favor of Inspire