Meeting Minutes - December 5, 2018

December 5, 2018


Issaquah Valley Elementary – Portable 6, Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 10:00am – 4:00pm


Issaquah High Jared Fernandez        Skyline  Kristin Bennett
Liberty Eleonor Schneider   Issaquah, Admin Mark Jergens-Zmuda
TLS, GLAD Tricia Cecil   TLS, Admin Dawn Wallace 
TLS, Ed Tech Valerie Buck   TLS, Science TOSA Lena Jones 


Goals for the Day: 

  • End with a workable, realistic plan for implementing Earth & Space Standards in the general physics course.

"High School Physics Materials Selection Charter"

  • Consensus model: 100% of the classroom teachers must agree.


  • Review Norms
  • Review Hopes/Fears
  • Create Materials Needs List
  • Review Poll Results
  • Review big picture of the standards
  • Textbook Updates
  • Planning

Discussion Notes:

  • Wants:
    • Webassign
    • Reading level of the resources since not reading in class
    • The current text is too high for the kids who need it
    • "The Physics Classroom"
      • Animations
      • Diagrams
      • Cartoons
    • "In class tutorials for self-paced learning"
    • Rods and rabbit fur
    • Orbital lab
    • More computers, at least equity
    • Textbook for kids, at least a class set, print resources for kids
    • Equipment for EM currents
  • Tech Resources:
    • HS1: Not every day, 1:1 once a week. Some teachers have close to 1:1, some hardly at all
    • HS2: 16 desktops, laptops whenever
    • HS3: 8 in every class of some sort
  • Final Wants:
    • HS2:
      • textbook with craft things that is linked to webassign
      • Equipment that is content and lab specific
      • Kids can play and do science
      • Pivot Interactive - video analysis
    • HS3:
      • Textbook with lots of online options
      • Classic laps, demos, new labs
      • Webassign
      • Some online resources (currently using Mastering Chemistry for AP and likes that)
      • Equipment (toys)
      • Training on e.g. webassign, collaboration time to be trained by other teachers
      • Other teachers are the best resources
      • Need TIME.
    • HS1:
      • Pool of labs with equipment
      • Core labs and additional labs
      • Webassign with question bank everyone is contributing to
      • Online textbook with interactives
      • Virtual lab subscription that's useful (all in one place)
      • 16 computers/room (barrier to 1:1)
      • Collaboration PD
      • Flashy online stuff
        • Supporting struggling learners and new teachers
        • Practice problems
      • Textbook
        • That students can read
        • Text to speech