Learn about F&P

The F&P Benchmark Assessment is a 1:1 assessment where a student reads a passage and answers comprehension questions provided by the teacher. 

Students may be assessed on multiple levels to determine their instructional reading level.  Reading levels are identified on a scale of A to Z.  These reading levels help teachers and families select appropriate reading texts for instruction or independent reading.  Note that a student may read above or below their reading level for enjoyment or interest.  Levels are indicated by a letter.  Below is a chart showing the reading level of reading considered to be "meeting standard" at the beginning of each grade level and end of each trimester.

Grade Start of YearEnd of Tri 1End of Tri 2End of Year
Kindergarten - A B D
First Grade D F H J
Second Grade J K L M
Third Grade M N O P
Fourth Grade P Q R S
Fifth Grade S T U V

Teachers administer the F&P in the fall of 1st-3rd grade for all students, and for selected students in other grades as needed to inform instruction.  These scores are not reported but will inform teachers for parent conferences.  In March, all K-3 students and any student in 4th-5th grade who has not met standard on a previous F&P will be assessed using the F&P.