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Welcome! This Elementary Visual Arts Resource webpage is specifically for elementary students and parents. Art instruction at the elementary level is typically provided through a partnership between the PTA/PTSA, the Issaquah Schools Foundation, and the Issaquah School District.

Until we can safely resume these amazing programs, we are working hard behind the scenes to create resources and video art lessons for our teachers that can be used in a virtual setting.

In addition, we hope this page can provide resources and lessons for both parents and students to access. We want every student to experience the joy of art!

Please take a minute to watch this video & how it shows the vital role the Arts play in our lives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D69mKyndEY 

Thank you to our contributors!

Thank you Charlotte Mann, Skyline High School Art Teacher, for sharing her lessons including the Navajo Blanket, Chinese Inspired Dragon, Kumihimo, and Diagonal Lines. We also thank Sarah Sundt, Beaver Lake Middle School Language Arts teacher, for her lesson Paint a Landscape.

Video Art Lessons

These lessons have been created by various Issaquah School District teachers and PTSA art docents. Thank you to all our volunteers who are sharing their love of art by creating these lessons. In addition to reducing stress, encouraging creativity and promoting emotional wellbeing, these lessons also meet state Visual Art Standards and teach a variety of artistic skills. During this unique year, we want these video lessons to add additional artistic and creative opportunities for all students. 

We have tried to use materials we believe most students have access to, such as paper, crayons, colored pencils, markers, scissors, and glue. Please contact Karen Harmon, Elementary Art Curriculum Specialist, if you would like support in acquiring any of the supplies used in these lessons. 

Preview for Trying out Cerealism 11:04
Trying out Cerealism Recommended Grade Level: All ages Materials Needed: Cereal box or other food ...
Preview for Nature Walk Art 13:57
Nature Walk Art Recommended Grade Level: All ages Materials Needed: Drawing paper, items foun...
Preview for Scribble Art for Relaxation 14:54
Scribble Art for Relaxation Recommended Grade Level: All ages Materials Needed: Drawing paper, colored pe...
Preview for Snowflakes 08:24
Preview for Mandala Inspired Drawing 17:33
Mandala Inspired Drawing Recommended Grade Level: All ages Materials Needed: Drawing paper, black pen ...
Preview image for Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Dessert Art)
Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Dessert Art This is an art lesson made for K-5 students. Students would first compare and... Posted November 25, 2020
Preview image for Navajo Blanket K 5 Art Lesson)
Navajo Blanket K 5 Art Lesson Elementary art lesson about line, symmetry based on Navajo Art. Posted September 24, 2020
Preview image for Kumihimo)
Kumihimo This video is about Kumihimo. Posted February 18, 2016
Preview image for BLMS Painting Tutorial: Paint a Landscape with Ms. Sundt!)
BLMS Painting Tutorial: Paint a Landscape with Ms. Sundt! Interesting in trying something new? Want a creative activity that is also re... Posted April 6, 2020
Preview image for How to Stop Motion)
How to Stop Motion This video shows students how to create a stop motion animation. Art lesson s... Posted November 20, 2020
Preview image for Chinese Inspired Dragon)
Chinese Inspired Dragon This video is about making a dragon inspired by the Chinese New Year. Posted February 7, 2016
Preview image for Diagonal Lines)
Diagonal Lines This video is about Diagonal Lines. Posted November 30, 2015



Karen Harmon
Elementary Art Curriculum Specialist

How Art Supports Mental Health and Creativity

Art Resources

  • The Palmer Museum of Art has created a virtual tour
  • Project 562 is a national project dedicated to photographing over 562 federally recognized tribes in The United States to create a repository of imagery and oral histories that accurately portrays contemporary Native Americans. Its creator, Matika Wilbur, is a visual storyteller from the Swinomish and Tulalip peoples of coastal Washington, and is a certified K-12 teacher.
  • We recommend parents supervise students exploring this site, but we like the fun options on this page from The Smithsonian https://www.si.edu/explore/art
  • The Tate Gallery also has a fantastic site for kids: https://www.tate.org.uk/kids
  • Did you know there is an Art Gallery at the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah? http://magnaninaturegallery.com/
  • Virtual Tours of Museums across the world are a wonderful way to view famous artwork. We recommend parents preview these tours and artwork before sharing with students.
  • Through social media you can follow a variety of groups that share master artwork. We recommend parents preview the artwork before sharing with students.
  • Search online for Free Coloring Pages - there are also coloring apps.
  • Many art programs now offer online classes, kits, or other virtual options.
  • Try this idea from Grand Ridge Elementary!
  • Check out Mr. P's art lessons for kids on YouTube.

Arts WA

Click here for a fantastic resource full of videos and lessons for all Arts (ArtsWA - Creative Start Studio).

Within this site, you can search for all public works of art displayed around King County (or search other counties in Washington State that you may visit!). During this time, there are many of these works of art that are displayed outside and would be safe to visit! Click here to search the collection.