Mathematics is a universal means of communication that uses the language and science of patterns to describe the world in which we live.

To be college and career-ready, today's students require an education that goes far beyond what was needed by students in the past. Students must be engaged in making sense of mathematics. All students must sharpen their math skills, deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts, and develop their ability to problem-solve, reason, and communicate.

In order for this to occur, rigorous mathematical content must be organized, taught, and assessed in a problem-solving environment in which students are expected to make sense of and persevere in solving compelling and complex problems. Students' mathematical knowledge must be connected to the ideas and skills found in other grade levels and content areas, as well as to real-life situations outside the classroom.

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Issaquah School District Mathematics

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Elementary Mathematics Specialist (K-5)
Rowena Duane

Secondary Mathematics Specialist (6-12)
Tyler Baxter