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Mathematics uses the language and science of patterns to describe the world in which we live, employing logic, observation, simulation, and experimentation. Mathematics is a universal means of communication.

To be well informed adults and prepared for the demands of college and future careers, today's students require an education that goes far beyond what was needed by students in the past. All students must develop and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and processes and their abilities in solving complex problems, reasoning, and communication. In order for this to occur, rigorous mathematical content must be organized, taught, and assessed in a problem-solving environment. Students’ mathematical knowledge must be connected to the ideas and skills found in all grade levels and content areas, as well as to real life situations outside the classroom.

General Information

Our elementary schools are opening a world of opportunity for children.

In elementary classes, students have their first exposure to mathematical ideas and concepts in all areas of mathematics. They are introduced to, practice, and develop mastery in the areas of Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data, Fractions, and Geometry while they become problem solvers and learn to reason and communicate about mathematics.

A strong elementary math education rests on three pillars:

  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Procedural Skills and Fluency
  • Application and Problem Solving

In the 2016-17 school year, the Issaquah School District implemented Eureka Math, a comprehensive curriculum that provides elementary students with a solid foundation built on the three pillars above. Eureka Math was written by a team of teachers and mathematicians who took great care to present mathematics in a logical progression to help students achieve deep understanding. Eureka Math follows the Washington State Learning Standards and connects math to the real world in ways that build student confidence and ensures that today's young mathematicians will be prepared to be tomorrow's engineers, scientists, and economists. Our elementary math teachers researched and field-tested Eureka Math and overwhelmingly decided it was the curriculum they preferred.

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