Exceptional Placement


Secondary Mathematics Specialist (6-12)
Susan Ford

What is Exceptional Placement?

Exceptional Placement provides an additional acceleration option for students who are ready to skip Common Core (CC) 7/8 and begin middle school in Common Core (CC) 8/Algebra 1. Historically, approximately 1.5% of ISD students qualify for Exceptional Placement each year.

Who is eligible to test for Exceptional Placement?

There are two groups of students who are eligible to take the Exceptional Placement test. More information will be provided to each of these groups in the spring.

Readiness Criteria

  • Since CC6 math is taught in the 5th grade MERLIN program, 5th grade MERLIN students will take the CC 7/8 Math Mastery Assessment test in their classrooms each spring.
  • Non-MERLIN students interested in exceptional placement will have the opportunity to take the CC 7/8 Math Mastery Assessment to qualify for Exceptional Placement. Testing will take place in the spring. The district will notify 5th grade students and families in the spring regarding testing dates and locations.

What are the criteria to qualify for Exceptional Placement?

  • Exceptional placement is not a self-select option in the Issaquah School District.
  • Eligible students must demonstrate sufficient mastery of CC 7/8 concepts and skills on a district-administered assessment.
    • Students who are eligible for Exceptional Placement testing must score at least 85% on the CC 7/8 Math Mastery Assessment to qualify for Exceptional Placement.
  • Once a student has qualified for Exceptional Placement, parents make the final determination of whether or not to accept that placement. Further information will be provided to families of students who qualify for Exceptional Placement to help inform this decision.
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