Science in the Issaquah School District incorporates the instruction and application of concepts and principals in properties, structures and changes in the three major science disciplines of physical, earth/space and life science.

In our classrooms, students experience labs where they actively apply scientific ideas, skills and investigative processes. Included in our approach, inquiry science is a teaching and learning model that parallels the work that scientists do, the way scientists uncover knowledge, and how they solve problems. As teachers guide students to approach and solve problems like a scientist, the students gain skills that are invaluable to other academic disciplines and their everyday life.

The scope and sequence of courses developed before 2013 were aligned with the Washington State K-12 Science Standards. In October 2013, Washington adopted the Washington State 2013 K-12 Science Learning Standards. We are in the process of adjusting scope and sequences to support this alignment and adoptions moving forward will use the 2013 standards.

General Information

K-12 Science Courses

Grade Level Curriculum
K-5 Amplify Science
6-8 MS Science Path I MS Science Path II
6  Life Science Earth and Space Science
7 Earth and Space Science Physical Science
8 Physical Science High School Biology
9-12 For most students
9  Biology

Chemistry Lab Methods/Physics Lab Methods
For Science Elective Options please refer to your high school course catalog

11  Chemistry or Physics
 AP* or IB** Courses
For Science Elective Options please refer to your high school course catalog
12  Chemistry or Physics
 AP* or IB** Courses
For Science Elective Options please refer to your high school course catalog

Science courses notes

  • See your High School Course Catalog for additional science courses and detailed descriptions.
  • The Course Catalog also has suggestions for possible science course combinations that will provide students the opportunity to access the required lab science and algebra-based science courses.
  • Beginning with the class of 2021, students are required to pass the Washington Comprehensive Science Assessment (WCAS), in 11th grade for graduation.

Middle School Science Path II

Middle School science in the Issaquah School District is a rigorous, inquiry based program taught by highly qualified instructors. For a small number of exceptional science students, Science Path II provides students with a science pathway to skip a year of science content to take a high school level course in 8th grade. This may be an appropriate placement for your student. While there is no perfect way to predict if students have the necessary science knowledge and lab skills for success in Science Path II please visit the Middle School Science webpage to read the parent information letter and plan to attend the Incoming 6th grader Parent Information Night at your student's future middle school. Because the timing of registration does not coincide with the release of the 5th grade Science MSP, additional criteria is listed to help in making this decision.

Special notes

  • A minimum of three credits of laboratory science is required. At least two of the three credits must be in lab-based science such as biology, chemistry, or physics. Students typically take this full credit course in two successive high school semesters. Additionally, at least one of the three credits of laboratory science must be an algebra-based science course (e.g. chemistry or physics). 
  • The principles of technology courses taught in Washington State high schools may apply toward the laboratory science requirement.
  • The Issaquah School District recommends that students take 3-4 years of science in high school—see the High School Course Catalogs to make informed decisions.
  • *Advanced Placement courses are offered at Issaquah and Liberty High Schools
  • **International Baccalaureate courses are offered at Skyline High School
  • Some "College in the High School" courses are available at Issaquah and Liberty High Schools.