High School Science


Contact Secondary Science Curriculum Specialist (grades 6-12) Lena Jones at 425-837-7119 or email her at jonesl@issaquah.wednet.edu.

Common courses

High school science courses are best described in each high school's course catalog. There are six common courses across the District's three comprehensive high schools.

  • Biology — Biology (Miller & Levine, © 2019)
  • Chemistry Lab Methods (semester course); Physics Lab Methods (semester course) - developed in district, 2015
  • Chemistry Inspire Chemistry (McGraw-Hill © 2021)
  • Physics — Inspire Physics (McGraw-Hill © 2020)
  • Biodiversity and Lab Concepts developed in district, 2015

High School Science flow chart, Paths in High School Science, and Science–Math Correlation table

Learning Recommendations

In our continuing efforts to provide a more meaningful, challenging, and optimal learning experience for our high school students, the language in the high school Common Course Catalogue has been altered. "Prerequisites" have become "Learning Recommendations." Learning Recommendations will allow students to have a better understanding of the skills and content knowledge that our teachers believe is important in predicting the likelihood of success in a given course. In the past, "pre-requisites" sometimes created a barrier by using a grade in a previous class or a test score on a proficiency test that prevented students from taking a course that they may have actually been capable of taking. By clearly articulating and communicating these "Learning Recommendations," our students and families will be able to make more informed decisions when registering for courses.

It is everyone's shared goal that students have meaningful, relevant, challenging, learning experiences, not only in science classrooms, but in all classes across our district. Appropriate placement is an important step in that process.

We encourage students and families to carefully study the high school course guide for specific language on College Academic Distribution Requirement, lab science, and algebra-based designations.