Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

Integrated Multi Tiered Systems of Support
MTSS Definition and Theory of Action

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Equity in action

We believe that each student has the potential to achieve, and it is our responsibility to provide all students the opportunity and support needed to meet their highest capability in a safe and welcoming environment. We acknowledge that systemic and institutional inequities and bias exist, creating barriers for student achievement and well-being. We are committed to raising the achievement of all learners regardless of race, status, varied ability, mental health, English language fluency, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, trauma impact, and geography. Our culture should promote the identification and removal of barriers causing predictability and disproportionality of the highest and lowest achieving groups.

~Introduction to the ISD Equity Executive Limitations 16

Theory of Action for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

In order to result in ALL holding a sense of belonging and to effectively foster equitable outcomes for students, we will articulate a clear vision and implement with fidelity a strategic plan for a comprehensive MTSS framework that provides an environment in which to thrive that is consistent, predictable, and inclusive of the strengths and needs of all, by supporting adults with resources, training and leadership.


Defining Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) is a proactive framework to improve outcomes for each and every student though a comprehensive continuum of evidence-based supports for academic and social/emotional learning in order to provide equitable opportunities applied at the individual, classroom, school and district level.

MTSS employs a team-driven, data-based, problem solving approach; components of which include; early interventions, a comprehensive assessment system, and common assurances around the highest leverage instructional, intervention, and assessment practices.