Elementary Report Cards

 Parent/Guardian Guide Reference Information

Below you will find the following information:

  • The ISD scoring guide to help understand the scores being provided on the report card.
  • Information on the Behaviors that Promote Learning
  • Blank report cards in Chinese, Korean and Spanish

Please use the following links for more detailed information about the content areas in each grade level.

Please use this link for information on Viewing the Elementary Report Card in Family Access.

Dual Language Program:

In the Dual Language Program, students will receive reports on both their English and Spanish 
literacy progress in the areas of reading, writing, phonics, speaking and listening. For students 
who qualify for ELL services this report serves as progress monitoring.

In a dual language program, students' English Language development may lag temporarily in 
reading, word knowledge and spelling while instruction is occurring in both languages. 
However, after a year or two of instruction in English language arts, this discrepancy 
disappears. It is important for parent to understand that this lag is temporary and expected.

Scoring Guide

This scoring guide represents academic expectations for year end. Reporting each trimester reflects student progress toward the end-of-year standards.

Scoring Key for Behaviors that Promote Learning

C  Consistently
O  Often
S  Sometimes
R  Rarely
M  Modified Expectations

Scoring Key for Academic Performance

4 Exceeds Standard

  • Demonstrates exceptional skill/concept development
  • Applies learning to other subject areas independently

3 Meets Standard

  • Demonstrates skill/concept development appropriate for the grade level
  • Applies learning to other subject areas with guidance

2 Approaches Standard

  • Demonstrates skill/concept development that is below the grade level expectations
  • Requires extra time, support, and/or practice

1 Well-below Standard

  • Demonstrates skill/concept development that is significantly below the grade level expectations
  • Requires extended time, support, and/or practice

NA Not Assessed

  • Not assessed this trimester

M Modified Expectation

  • In areas where a student’s score is based on a modified expectation, the score will appear as an “M”

ELP English Language Proficiency*

  • Indication of student’s language skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing

* Please below for Exceptional Learner and ELL grading protocol.


Behaviors that Promote Learning


  • Follows school rules and expectations
  • Listens with empathy
  • Uses kind actions and words
  • Recognizes and shows consideration for the rights and feelings of others


  • Follows directions
  • Is accountable; stays focused on task
  • Demonstrates organizational skills
  • Manages time wisely and completes assigned work on time


  • Contributes responsibly in partner and group settings
  • Respects and considers different opinions and ideas


  • Is able to continue when faced with a challenge; does not give up easily
  • Accurately monitors own effort toward learning goals; reflects on progress


  • Adapts positively to new or different situations and ideas
  • Makes transitions efficiently

Problem Solving

  • Tries a variety of approaches, strategies, or alternatives
  • Independently considers options and attempts solutions

Speaking and Listening

  • Actively listens
  • Participates in collaborative conversations; shares ideas
  • Takes responsible risks in sharing learning

Exceptional Learner Grading Protocol 

The term “exceptional learner” is defined to include students who are English learners, those who have disabilities (IEP or 504), and those needing/receiving intensive instruction on any critical skill.

The district report card for an exceptional learner will be prepared by the student’s general education teacher with input from the special education teacher. The IEP progress report will be prepared by the special education teacher and sent home at the same time as the general education report card.

An “M” designation on the report card signifies that a modified expectation for the standard was used for a student in a particular area and will accompany the numeric notation on the report card.

FOR BEHAVIORS that PROMOTE LEARNING – For any student who requires modified expectations in the areas of behavior or social emotional learning the following should apply:

  • An “M” will be used on the report card in the “Behaviors that Promote Learning” section of the report card to indicate that the student’s grade in this area is based on modified expectations.
  • A “C” or an “O” could be used in any area if the student exhibits behaviors that are “consistent/often similar to grade level standards.
  • If the student does not struggle in the areas of Behavior or Social the general education scoring key will be used: “C,” “O,” “S,” or “R.”

FOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AREAS – The general education teacher and any applicable intervention teacher(s) will collaborate to determine the appropriateness of using an “M” for each exceptional learner. A number will not be used with the “M” designation, but rather the associated comment will provide detail.

  • An “M” will be used to indicate that the student’s grade in this area is based on modified expectations for the standard
  • If using the “M” designation on the standard, the teacher will choose an associated comment from the comment bank. The general comment reads “Grade is based on modified expectations.”  There are also specific comments that can be used which read “Grade based on K standard,” “Grade based on 1st grade standard,” etc.

Elementary Grading Information For Parents: English Language Learners

The district report card for a student in the ELL program will be prepared by the student’s general education teacher with input from the ELL teacher or ELL Educational Assistant. Your child may receive an ELP (English Language Proficiency) grade in content subject areas. An ELP score may be given instead of a 1 or 2.

However, if your student is meeting standards, he/she will be given a 3 or 4 on their report card. An ELP grade means your student is working on their English language skills in that area and their learning is impacted by their English language development. The ELP comments explain what your child is able to do in each area.