Frequently Asked Questions

Student Grades:

  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade

Final Grades:

  • The student's final grade will be automatically placed on a student's high school transcript.
    • Student and parent/guardian can request to have the course removed by contacting their high school counselor.
  • The student's final grade will count towards middle school GPA.

Online Learning Webpages:

Math Acceleration:

Student Goal:

  • What is the end goal?
  • What math level does the student want to reach by their 12th grade year?


  • ISD Math Webpage (Pathways)
  • Make a plan backwards based on the courses offered at their high school
  • Take Geometry online and not Algebra online
  • Do not take Algebra 2 before Grade 9**


  • Online curriculum (Apex) differs from classroom curriculum (ISD)
  • Potential for possible gaps in mathematical understanding
  • Self-directed; no live instruction

District Policy:

  • Requires 3 years of High School math taken in Grades 9-12


  • Takes course in addition to their schedule or summer (Option 1 & Option 2)
    • Spring 2021 (Sem 1) & Summer 2021 (Sem 2)
    • Spring 2021 (Sem 1) & Fall 2021 (Sem 2)
    • Summer 2021 (Sem 1) and Fall 2021 (Sem 2)
    • Summer 2021 (Sem 1) & Summer 2022 (Sem 2)
    • Fall 2021 (Sem 1) & Spring 2022 (Sem 2)

Algebra 2 in 8th Grade**

  • Not Enough Math Classes: Taking Algebra 2 before Grade 9, means that as a junior or senior, your student may need to seek a math course at a community college or some other alternative program.
  • Transportation: A student taking Algebra 2 in 8th grade means that parent/guardian must provide transportation to local high school. Middle school does not offer Algebra 2.
  • Social Considerations: There are likely to be no other 8th graders in the class. This could cause some degree of social discomfort.
  • IB Testing: If your student is considering taking an IB Math course, they will have a gap year between finishing their IB math studies and taking the IB exam. IB policy that Higher Level (HL) exams can only be taken in 12th Grade.