Middle School

  • Middle school students, grades 7 and 8, may enrolled in an online course.
  • Students may apply to take an online course as part of their 6 or 7 period day to be taken OFF campus.  
  • Students may also apply to take an online course in addition to a full schedule at school.  Registering for a core online course is not for the purpose of freeing up a period to add extra electives to a student's regular schedule.

  • Students may also apply to take an online course during the summer term.

Please see the All About Online Learning page for more details regarding taking an online learning course off campus and/or during the summer.

Things to consider before taking an online course to accelerate in Math during middle school:

  • What is the end goal of this choice? What Math level does the student want to reach by their 12th grade year? See the ISD Math webpage for math pathways. Families are strongly urged to plan backwards based on the courses available at their high school.
  • Online math curriculum differs from classroom-delivered curriculum and families should be prepared for possible gaps in mathematical understanding that may impact student understanding and performance.
  • When students choose to accelerate using an online course, we strongly recommend students take Geometry online and strongly discourage students from taking Algebra online. If a student chooses to take Geometry online, we recommend that the student take Geometry Semester 1 during the spring term and Geometry Semester 2 during the summer term.  
  • It is not recommended that students accelerate to the point they are taking a math beyond Algebra 2 in 9th grade. 
  • Higher Level Math Courses: District Policy requires 3 years of High School math taken while in High School in grades 9-12. If the student takes Algebra 2 as an 8th grader and completes Pre-Calculus and Calculus at the high school, as a junior or senior your child may need to seek the next appropriate mathematics course at a community college or some other alternative program.
  • Transportation to High School in 8th Grade: Successful completion of CC 8/Algebra 1 and CC Geometry at the middle school means that you must provide transportation to the nearest high school for CC Algebra 2 for the entire 8th grade year.
  • Social Considerations: If a student takes Algebra 2 as an 8th grader, they will be placed in an Algebra 2 classroom with 9th – 12th graders. There are likely to be only a few or no other 8th graders in the class. This could cause some degree of social discomfort. Considering the transition to high school is already a difficult one with expanded social and academic choices, please consider your underlying motivations for this choice and your desired outcomes.
  • IB Testing: Students who accelerate beyond Algebra 2 in the 9th grade and are considering taking an IB Math course will have a gap year between finishing their IB math studies and taking the IB exam. It is IB policy that Higher Level (HL) exams can ONLY BE TAKEN in the 12th grade. 
  • Taking online math classes where the pace is accelerated could lead to gaps and/or shallow understanding of essential math concepts that result in low performance on AP or IB assessments.
  • Students considering accelerating their starting point in high school mathematics will take the first semester of the online math course in addition to their full schedule during the fall and the second semester during the spring, or the first semester of the online math course in addition to their full schedule in the spring and the second semester during the summer session.  If considering this option, it is important for students to seek advisement from their counselor.

Things to consider before taking an online course to accelerate in World Language during Middle School:

  • The World Language classroom is full of rich learning experiences where students can listen and speak the language they are learning while receiving instant feedback from peers and teachers.  This environment cannot be duplicated in an online learning environment which is why we always recommend students take World Language classes in a traditional classroom setting before they consider taking a World Language course online.  
  • Students starting a school\classroom based World Language in 9th grade can easily take an IB test in any of the four IB languages offered at Skyline by 12th grade. 
  • The World Language Proficiency Exam does NOT waive the need to study a world language in IB.  Students MUST take World Language courses at Skyline if they desire to take the IB exam/are an IB Diploma student.   
  • Middle school students may not go to the high school for world language courses. Keep this in mind if considering a plan that involves accelerating in world language classes.