ISD OL Testing Summer 2020

Role of the Parent/Guardian Proctor

Thank you for proctoring your student’s Computer Scored Tests (CST) and Pretests (prescriptive classes only) this summer. We appreciate your support during this time. Please carefully read this page over with your student to ensure we are honoring the Issaquah School District’s Academic Integrity Policy. If you have any questions during the designated testing session, please do not hesitate to email us at *There are specific directions for how to administer the CST and Pretest at the bottom of this page.**

Designated Testing Sessions

New Testing Days and Times:

Saturdays (beginning July 11): 9AM-11AM

Sundays (beginning July 12): 4PM-6PM

Summer 2020 Testing Sessions

Testing Expectations

  1. Students must complete and submit all work in a unit before taking a CST.
  2. All testing must be completed in one session.
  3. Desk should be clear of all papers, notebooks, backpacks, etc.
  4. Collect and hold on to the student's cellphone for the duration of the test.
  5. No additional electronics.
  6. No notes/books/resources.
  7. Students only on Apex site. No opening of any screens/windows/internet sessions on this device or any other device.
  8. Math: students may use a graphing or scientific calculator, whiteboard, and marker.  If a whiteboard isn’t available, a sheet of paper and a pencil is fine - please rip up paper and recycle when done.

Testing Environment

  1. Students need to have access to the internet and laptop/desktop computer.
  2. Please do not have student complete a test on their phone or tablet.
  3. The room should be silent. 
  4. Proctor (parent/guardian) should be in the same room as the student and be able to see student and student's screen at all times.
  5. We cover academic integrity in-depth at the student orientation.  Please do not give your student any warnings.

Testing Directions

  1. Students sign on to
  2. Enter username.
  3. Enter password. The proctor (parent/guardian) should email if the student cannot log in and we will reset the student password. 
  4. The student will open their class and wait at the test screen (see screenshot below).  
Testing Screen

5. Please fill out the Parent/Guardian Proctor Request Form to Unlock Test.

6. The student will refresh the page and begin.

7. Please check the email address you gave in the form for emails from the Online Learning Department.