Student Learning Plans

Note: Student learning plans are distributed directly to families when assessment results indicate the need for more intensive academic intervention.  Below is a copy of the content of student learning plans.  Using the translation feature of our website, families can translate this information into their preferred language.

Student Learning Plan Content

Dear Parent or Guardian,  

Issaquah School District is committed to helping all students become strong confident readers.  To support students’ who have reading difficulties identified through district or state assessments; and in compliance with Washington Senate Bills 6162 and 5830, school staff develop Student Learning Plans.   

You are receiving this letter because in a recent assessment, your child scored significantly below grade level expectation and a Student Learning Plan has been developed to support your child’s development as a reader (see Student Learning Plan details, next page).  

Based on these assessment results, your student has been identified to receive additional instruction through the identified intervention. This intervention will be provided as a part of your student’s literacy instruction to improve your student’s targeted skills. Frequent assessments will be administered to monitor your child’s progress. 

If you have questions concerning this Student Learning Plan, please contact your student’s Title/LAP interventionist.  


Michelle Pickard 
Director of TLS, Elementary  

Student Learning Plan – Literacy  

Intervention GoalIn order to accelerate student learning in reading, and to foster life- long literacy skills, students, parents, teachers, and school administrators agree to the following:  


School/Teacher Checklist 

  • Provide a supportive, safe, caring, and structured learning environment 

  • Focus instruction on rigorous academic acceleration and student achievement in reading and writing  

  • Assess student progress and monitor and adjust instruction accordingly 

  • Keep both students and parents informed of student progress through meetings, conferences and newsletters 


Parent/Guardian Checklist   

  • Talk regularly with my child about his/her progress reading 

  • Attend parent/teacher conferences 

  • Encourage independent reading at home (use the “Find a book i-Ready” tool to search for reading materials at the appropriate Lexile level)  

  • Monitor the completion of student homework when necessary 


Student Checklist 

  • Participate in learning with classroom teacher and academic interventionist  

  • Put my best effort into learning every day 

  • Cooperate to make learning a positive and successful experience for everyone 


Communication Procedure:  

All intervention students are monitored for growth in reading skills throughout the year.  Your child’s progress will be shared at the December Parent-Teacher Conference. i-Ready Family Assessment Report will also be sent home via Family Access in February and May. If the data suggests the need to re-focus support for your student, the classroom teacher or academic interventionist will contact you.   


Discussions about student progress can be initiated by the parent, academic interventionist, or classroom teacher at any time throughout the year. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress. We look forward to partnering with you to support your child’s reading development. 


Student Learning Plan – Literacy

Other ID:

Student Name:

Classroom Teacher:


Qualifying Conditions: assessment standard not met


  i-Ready Assessment   Smarter Balanced Assessment


Classroom Supports: Interventions:
ü Explicit instruction integrating phonics, phonological awareness, fluency and comprehension.
ü Small group differentiated instruction.
ü Instruction at a student’s reading level using leveled and/or decodable readers.
ü Positive, corrective feedback.
ü Increased frequency of teacher support.
ü i-Ready learning path (My Path).
o  Really Great Reading
o  Heggerty
o  LLI
o  Title I/LAP – includes at least one cycle of tutoring with Title/LAP interventionists and consultation services with classroom teacher
o  Differentiation with Words Their Way, i-Ready tools, i-Ready My Path
o  Differentiation with Benchmark Phonics (Kinder only) 


Progress Monitoring:

A school team will monitor the progress of your child throughout the trimester to help make decisions regarding needed adjustments to the reading support. You will be updated on the progress of your child with each report card.

By signing and returning this form or replying by email, I am acknowledging my student’s learning plan.

Printed First and Last Name: _____________________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________  Date:  ________________                         

If you have questions about disability-based accommodations, more information on Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 can be found here.
If you have questions about special education and related services, more information on the Procedural Safeguards for Students and Their Families can be found