Science Technology Magnet Programs

Science Technology Magnet Program Parent Letter

Parent Resource: What Makes a Successful Science Technology Magnet Student Experience?

General Information

Each year we inform the families of 3rd graders about the Issaquah School District Science Technology Magnet Program options for grades 4 and 5. These programs are located at Briarwood, Cascade Ridge, and Clark Elementary Schools and provide the standard district curriculum for those grades through a much stronger emphasis on science and technology.

These programs are multi-age for approximately 25 students per grade; multi-age in that the 4th graders continue in the program the following year as 5th graders. We are frequently asked about gender-appropriateness for the programs and want to emphasize that both boys and girls are welcome and thrive in the classes. Typically, successful students are good independent learners, enjoy inquiry learning and work well in a team situation.

Due to very high demand for these programs families are asked to select one school's program they would like to be considered for. Transportation to each program is the responsibility of the families.

We offer enrollment to district 3rd graders for the 4th grade openings for the following year in all programs. Students will be selected from all district elementary schools with an attempt to balance the enrollment between schools. Spaces will be assigned by the neighborhood school in the attendance area your student resides for each program location separately. A wait list will be formed, and students will be admitted as spaces occur until school starts. Spaces for 5th grade at all locations are limited and families currently on the established wait lists will be contacted to fill any available spots. Please note all siblings, including twins, will be considered individually in the lottery.