Program goals

Goal 1: Intellectual/Academics

  • To enrich and expand each student’s intellectual horizons.
  • To make learning a life-long habit.
  • To stimulate student's intellectual curiosity
  • Develop originality and creativity
Objectives   The student will learn and practice:
  1. The creative thinking skills of fluency, flexibility, elaboration and originality
  2. Problem-solving through real world activities
  3. Higher level thinking skills to process information
  4. The thinking behaviors of risk-taking, goal-setting, deliberativeness, decision-making, persistence, inquisitiveness, and self-evaluation.

Goal 2: Social/Emotional

  • To provide a safe environment for gifted students to interact on a regular basis with others who have similar abilities and interests.
  • To encourage each student to take responsibility for his/her learning.
Objectives  Students will:
  1. Collaborate in groups and work independently
  2. Contribute positively to build a supportive classroom environment and community
  3. Produce quality work that reflects excellence, precision, and innovation
  4. Demonstrate responsibility for his/her learning by asking for help when needed and completing assignments on time.

See MERLIN report cards and scoring guides