Program goals

Goal 1: Intellectual/Academics

To enrich and expand each student’s intellectual horizons.
To encourage each student to take responsibility for his/her learning.
To make learning a life-long habit.
Objectives: The student will learn and practice:
  1. Problem solving strategies by accurately applying them to real problems;
  2. Collect and analyze data using information processing skills such as classifying, inferring, and predicting;
  3. Creative thinking skills of fluency, flexibility, elaboration, and originality;
  4. Thinking behaviors by demonstrating risk-taking, goal-setting, decision making, persistence, inquisitiveness, and self-evaluation.

Goal 2: Social/Emotional

To provide a safe environment for gifted students to interact on a regular basis with others who have similar abilities and interests.
  1. The student will exhibit a sense of confidence, ownership, and independence in his/her own learning.
  2. The student will be able to work cooperatively in groups, collaborate with a learning partner, and work independently.
  3. The student will develop quality work products that reflect excellence, precision, thoroughness, creative innovation, and best effort.
  4. The students will be responsible for following through and completing assignments.