Independent Health and PE (8)

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Incoming eighth grade students who enroll in two full-year electives may apply to the Independent Health and PE program during the registration process in the spring of their seventh grade year. In the program, eighth graders are required to obtain Health and PE credit outside of the regularly scheduled school day. Students in the program may select their two full-year elective classes from the list below.

The full year electives that students may select under this program are:

  • One of the following: Band, Chorus, and Orchestra classes (continuing music students only; not for first year music students)
  • Foreign Languages
  • Full-year elected or appointed officer positions

For example, an eighth grader who was previously enrolled in Band might apply for the Independent Health and PE program if s/he wants to continue Band and take a full-year foreign language course.

Independent Eighth Grade Health

The class includes F.L.A.S.H. and HIV/AIDS components and takes place outside of the student's regularly scheduled school day. The class syllabus describes course requirements and materials, the class fee, due dates, grading timeline, and the attendance at or completed opt-out process for two classes held outside of the school days; after school and/or on Saturday morning.

Important notes

  • This independent course follows a syllabus.
  • Class syllabus will be available on the health teacher’s website on the first week of school.
  • There will be a class orientation in early September at each middle school. (The orientation at each school is only relevant to the students attending that school.)
  • Students will attend FLASH classes outside the school day. Scheduling options for those classes will be posted in the class syllabus.
  • Classwork is due April 29.
  • Failure to complete the Health course requirements will result in a failed grade and affect the student's overall GPA.
  • The Washington State Omnibus AIDS law requires a parent to attend a public viewing session and review the materials before an exemption from HIV/AIDS instruction may be requested or granted. Dates for preview sessions are published at each middle school, on the District website and noted in the class syllabus. It is not necessary for parents to attend a public review session if they do not intend to exempt their children from HIV/AIDS instruction.

Independent PE

Eighth graders who have registered for Independent Health must fulfill their Independent PE requirement by maintaining a Fitness Log that describes the student's physical activity, records a minimum of 75 hours of physical activity, verified by a parent.

Important note: Read class syllabus for complete program details and information for acceptable fitness activities.


Enrollment Questions

Call district contact Dawn Wallace at (425) 837-7043 or by e-mail at

Class Questions

Any questions about classwork or fitness requirements, contact the building Independent Health Teacher.