Home-Based Instruction

Important Consideration for High School Aged Students

The District does not accept home-based instruction for credit toward high school graduation from a District school. Home-based coursework that is not completed at an approved public or private school is not eligible to be added to the High School Transcript, does not change high school graduation requirements, and may not be used toward satisfaction of those requirements. A student’s expected year of graduation, or base grad year, is set upon entry into the ninth grade and advances one grade level per year whether or not the student subsequently receives home-based instruction.


Declaration of Intent


Request for Part-Time Attendance or Ancillary Services

WA Instruction Policy Law

Home-Based Instruction, often referred to as home schooling, requires a completed Declaration of Intent for a child or children to receive home-based instruction in lieu of attendance or enrollment in a public school. This statement must be filed annually by September 15 or within two weeks of the beginning a trimester or semester in the Issaquah School District (ISD). This form should be submitted to the Teaching and Learning Services Department at the Issaquah Administration Center located at 5150 220th AVE SE, Issaquah, WA 98029. For more information about Home-Based Instruction please call 425-837-7078.

If your home based student is interested in participating in the Running Start Program, please contact Hend Hassan at 425-837-7078 or HassanH@issaquah.wednet.edu.

Home based students interested in Issaquah School District athletics or co-curricular programs should contact the registrar in their home school.  

2020-21 Options for Learning at Home

Dear Home Based families,

Due to the number and types of questions about home-based instruction, we realize that some clarification may be needed concerning the opportunities available to families during the 2020-21 school year. Our opportunities are unique this year due to the COVID pandemic.

This school year families have, essentially, three ways rather than two to access learning. 

What is new and unique to this school year is that families can attend their school through Asynchronous Remote Learning. The state allows for this option during remote learning. Asynchronous Remote Learning includes the following:

  • Allows families to create their own learning schedule to fit their needs.
  • Provides access to all class and school resources including digital tools, online subscriptions, curricular materials and services.
  • Attendance is required, which can be done through a daily sign-in online which does NOT require virtual live attendance of a class session.
  • The assigned ISD classroom teachers would provide assessments and feedback.
  • In elementary, students accessing Asynchronous Remote Learning, would be expected to engage in core Reading, Writing and Math content areas. Teachers would, using available evidence of learning, provide a standards-referenced progress reports (report card) for each trimester. 
  • In secondary, students may enroll by course. (Course requirements and ISD grading policies would apply.)

To access Asynchronous Remote Learning, the student would be enrolled in their home school and indicate that they would be participating asynchronously. 

We hope this information is helpful for you to make the best decision for your family. If you are interested in Asynchronous Remote Learning you may contact your home school, or for clarifying questions you may email our Home Based Instruction professional at hassanh@issaquah.wednet.edu.

Rich Mellish, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Debra Hawkins, Director of TLS for Home Based Instruction

2020-21 Learning during L.I.V.E Instruction

Description Resources Available to Families  How to Access 
Remote Learning with Synchronous Schedule

ISD enrolled students are currently being served through remote learning.

For more information: https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/live

  • Live streamed daily lessons and elementary small group instruction
  • Rostering to digital tools and online subscriptions
  • Asynchronous access to instructional videos
  • Structured independent learning activities
  • Access to ISD technology upon request
  • Assessments, grades, HS credits toward graduation

Enroll in your home school.

Student is assigned to a class and can follow the instructional calendar. 

Asynchronous Remote Learning

ISD families may also access all learning resources asynchronously and determine which activities, lessons and resources to use for their student’s learning, setting a schedule for learning that suits your child.

Note: There is a state requirement for a daily attendance that can be filled with a digital sign-in for the day. 
  • Rostering to digital tools and online subscriptions
  • Asynchronous access to instructional videos
  • Access to structured independent learning activities
  • Access to ISD technology upon request
  • Teacher assessment and feedback on completed assignments
  • ISD credits toward graduation (requires completion of course requirements and follows ISD grading policies)
Note: Students may access learning either synchronously or asynchronously in a flexible manner based on their need. 

Enroll in your home school, indicate to the principal and assigned teacher that you will be engaging in learning asynchronously.

Student is assigned to a class and can access all class resources.

Home Based

Choosing to not enroll in an ISD school, families provide educational services consistent with state requirements.

For more information on home based instruction, click here. 
  • Textbooks upon request if available
  • May request ancillary services.
  • For the 20-21 school year, if a family is requesting partial enrollment Asynchronous Remote Learning may be considered.
  • Home based students are not rostered in schools and so do not have access to ISD digital resources and online subscriptions.
  • The District does not accept home-based instruction for credit toward high school graduation from a District school. 

Complete the Declaration of Intent.

Click here to access the Declaration of Intent

In-Person Instruction

ISD has announced planning for a return to in-person instruction.

For more information on the return to in-person instruction, click here
  • Full access to all school services
Enroll in your home school.