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Vision Statement

Our vision for Positive Behavior Social Emotional Support (PBSES) is to promote respect, positive relationships, and predictable, proactive learning environments so that students can lead socially and emotionally safe and healthy lives. 

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What is PBSES?

PBIS (positive behavior interventions and support)

+ SEL (social-emotional support)

Positive Behavior and Social Emotional Support (PBSES)

Why are PBIS and SEL combined?

Research has found student outcomes improve in overall mental health and reductions in externalizing behaviors compared to only PBIS or only SEL conditions (Cook, 2013).

Research shows that when a school environment is positive and predictable:


  • feel safer,
  • have better academic performance,
  • higher test results, and
  • make better behavior choices.


  • show a gain in instructional time,
  • reduction in out of school suspensions and discipline referrals and
  • show a decrease in referrals to Special Education.

PBSES is not a curriculum, It:

  • Is a process of planning and problem solving that includes direct teaching of social behaviors just like academics are taught.
  • Establishes ongoing behavior support that can be used by ALL students, staff, volunteers, parents and community members. 
  • Consists of four evidence-based components that work together to create good outcomes for students and a better school climate.

What are the four components?

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PBSES Coaches

Thanks to the Levy passing, each elementary school has a full time PBSES coach and each middle school has a part time coach. 

PBSES Coaches support all adults in the community when working with students who have social, emotional and behavioral needs. Further, the PBSES coach works on school-wide practices like:

  • clear expectations for all
  • school-wide reinforcement system
  • Second Step/ SEL program
  • Data collection in relation to social, emotional and behavior needs
  • Parent/ family support
  • Professional Development for staff
  • The use of evidence based practices across all settings

PBSES Coach Directory 2021-2022

Name             School             Email Address 
Callie Greenfield   Admin Building    GreenfieldC@issaquah.wednet.edu
Assistant Director of Student Interventions - PBSES  
Jessica Wride   Admin Building    WrideJ@issaquah.wednet.edu
PBSES Specialist - TOSA      
Stephanie Wallace   Apollo   WallaceS@issaquah.wednet.edu
Heather McDonough   Briarwood   McDonoughH@issaquah.wednet.edu
Jessica Ackley   Cascade Ridge   AckleyJ@issaquah.wednet.edu
Stefani Terry   Cedar Trails   TerryS@issaquah.wednet.edu
Lindsey King   Challenger   KingL@issaquah.wednet.edu
Stephanie Wright   Clark   WrightS@issaquah.wednet.edu
Jessica Stevens   Cougar Ridge   StevensJ@issaquah.wednet.edu
Rylie Motley   Creekside   MotleyR@issaquah.wednet.edu
Teal Morse
  Discovery   MorseT@issaquah.wednet.edu
Ashley Dunn
  Endeavour   DunnA@issaquah.wednet.edu
Maddie Chapman   Grand Ridge   ChapmanM@issaquah.wednet.edu
Jessica Harper   Issaquah Valley   HarperJ@issaquah.wednet.edu
Ashley Grassley   Maple Hills   GrassleyA@issaquah.wednet.edu
Alex Norton   Newcastle   NortonA@issaquah.wednet.edu
Julie Harding   Sunny Hills    HardingJ@issaquah.wednet.edu
Nicole Perriella-Rehmke   Sunset   PerriellaRehmkeN@issaquah.wednet.edu
Karen Harmon   Beaver Lake   HarmonK@issaquah.wednet.edu
Allison Lehr   Cougar Mountain Middle   LehrA@issaquah.wednet.edu
Mari Stevens   Issaquah Middle   StevensM2@issaquah.wednet.edu
Nikki McGrath   Maywood   McGrathN@issaquah.wednet.edu
Amy Butson   PCMS   ButsonA@issaquah.wednet.edu
Tori Berntsen   Pine Lake   BerntsenV@issaquah.wednet.edu

Resources for Families

  • Social Emotional Learning Parent Night Spring 2019
  • ParentTeen Connect – “Full of real voices and expert advice, this research-based resource is a must for parents and teens.”
  • Parent Tool Kit – This one-step resource for parents includes every aspect of your children’s development, health, academics, and relationships. Includes preschool through after high school, in both English and Spanish.
  • Casel – Ideas, websites, blogs, books, and newsletters for families on the topic of social emotional learning (SEL)