Multi- Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

School Wide Support Systems for Student Success

PBSES uses a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), which includes the following elements at all tiers:

MTSS Components Description
Universal Screening This proactive process was implemented to screen all students, K-12. The brief assessments identify students who are at risk. Screening is conducted two times per year (fall and spring)
Progress Monitoring
Students identified as at-risk are monitored frequently to assess rate of growth and effectiveness of interventions.
Multi-level Prevention System
Students are provided instruction and support at increasingly intense needs vary as do the level of support they require. A multi-level prevention system framework allows for different interventions as well as different intervention intensity.
Data-Based Decision Making
Teams, at all levels of instruction (e.g., district, school, grade), use a problem solving approach to use reliable and valid data for informed decision making.
Fidelity of implementation
Fidelity of implementation demonstrates the degree to which our articulated agreements and our values are visible in our daily practice.
Problem-­Solving Model
A problem-­‐solving model provides the structure to identify, develop, implement and evaluate strategies to accelerate the performance of ALL students.
Evidence-Based Practices
The interventions or supports implemented are supported by scientific research to improve student social and behavior functioning.