PCM Strategies (Proactive Classroom Management Strategies)

Proactive Classroom ManagementPCM Strategies (Proactive Classroom Management Strategies): Refers to an approach to classroom management that simultaneously promotes high levels of academic engagement while also preventing off-task and disruptive behavior. It is designed to be preventative, integrates instruction and management which provides explicit instruction, guided practice, and performance feedback in classroom rules and routines to enhance students’ chances for academic and social success, and the focus is on group aspects of classroom management rather than individual student behavior (Rathvon, 2008).

Possible Home Connections

  • Increase the use of visuals/pictures, rather than auditory
  • Preview changes/transitions that might be happening in routines, events, etc.
  • Have predictable routines (bed time, meals, chores, etc.)
  • Practice skills, just like academics and sports are practiced.
  • Motivation systems used for shaping/ changing behavior
  • Involve your child in problem solving process – present issue and seek their input
  • Family meetings
  • Be proactive rather than reactive.