Second Step

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Second Step Middle School: Educators and Kids Talk About the Program The Second Step social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for middle schoole... Posted October 15, 2018
Second Step

ISD uses the Second Step Curriculum for K-8, a curriculum that encompasses the 5 core competencies set forth by CASEL. Check out the video overview of the Second Step program here.

Middle School Program

  • Communication sent from each school about when lessons are taught, content, and home extensions

Elementary Program

Elementary curriculum access for families at, using one of these activation codes:

  • SSP2 FAMI LY7K - Kindergarten
  • SSP1 FAMI LY71 – First Grade
  • SSP2 FAMI LY72 – Second Grade
  • SSP2 FAMI LY73 – Third Grade
  • SSP2 FAMI LY74 – Fourth Grade
  • SSP2 FAMI LY75 – Fifth grade

Possible home connections:

  • Check out parent SEL resources on CASEL
  • Allow your child(ren) to talk about their feelings and emotions
  • Discuss current events in terms of feelings, empathy, and perspectives
  • Use the problem solving flowchart from Second Step.
  • Share personal stories about overcoming obstacles
  • Read stories/ books from the family resources page on Second Step