ISD Middle School Summer Options

The primary purpose of the ISD Summer School program is to provide options for current high school students in pursuit of their graduation requirements. If you are looking for enrichment activities for your middle school student, we suggest looking at local community offerings through the City/outside providers or our ISD Impact Program. If you insist on your current middle school student trying to accelerate, there are a few summer options for them.

7th and 8th graders may take online high school level classes. Students can take 2 semester long classes but not a year long during summer school only. If students want to complete a yearlong course, they can take Semester 1 in spring and Semester 2 in summer or Semester 1 in summer and Semester 2 in fall or Semester 1 in spring and Semester 2 in fall.

Taking a semester class online during the summer requires approximately 3 hours a day of school work per course as the courses cover 18 weeks of curriculum in 5 weeks.

8th graders going into 9th grade may also sign up for online health and/or in-person PE but priority is given to high school students by grade level so getting accepted is rare.