Site Council


Site Councils are established at each school to advise the principal on how to advance student learning through strong shared planning, communication, and problem-solving.  Specifically, site councils are intended to:

  • Actively support the school and district mission
  • Create and maintain optimal learning environments
  • Blend values and perspectives of the community, parents, staff, and students for effective school-wide results
  • Foster effective communications among school stakeholders
  • Provide creative school-wide planning and problem solving
  • Provide input for principal and superintendent on matters of district-wide interest

Focus of Site Councils

 Site Councils are expected to address matters directly and indirectly related to student learning.

  • Matters directly related to student learning such as advancing the school’s Continuous Improvement Plan, based on achievement data
  • Matters indirectly related to student learning, culture, safety, and facilities
  • Fair Treatment, support for staff, school rules, and student discipline

Members 2018-19

  • Parent Representative, K – 2nd Grade: Laura Ni
  • Parent Representative, 3rd – 5th Grade: Regeana Rupard
  • PTA Representative Community: Christie Malone
  • Parent At Large Representative: Kristi Hammond and Ami Ojerio
  • Teacher Representative, K – 2nd Grade: Jennifer Butler
  • Teacher Representative, 3rd – 5th Grade:  Andrea Wolfe
  • Teacher Representative, Assistant Principal:  Kathryn Coffin
  • Classified Staff: Lauren Suttles
  • Principal: Jane Harris

Site Council Meeting Minutes