Emergency Student Release Procedures

For Parents

  • Upon arrival at Apollo, proceed to designated “PARENT CHECK-IN” area in the front lobby or behind the school.
  • Complete Student Release forms that school provides.
  • Bring your drivers license or other photo ID to “PARENT CHECK-IN”.
  • Staff will check ID, ISD Emergency Contact forms and Student Release forms and ask where you plan to go after you get the children whom you are authorized to pick up. *Note on Student Release Sheet (who, where & time).
  • Parents will be given a pink release slip and directed to the ”REUNION AREA” at another location to pick up children.
  • A runner will go to the student care area, get children and bring them to the reunion area.
  • Personnel at the reunion area will check release slips to ensure that the child is being released to the correct adult. Once again, a staff person may check ID and be sure adult is authorized to take child.
  • At reunion area, parents /guardians or authorized adults will be asked to sign out.
  • On leaving the school premises, make sure you signed out and left contact information.

District Emergency Information