Parent-Teacher Conferences Sign Up

Directions of how to sign up for a Parent Teacher conference in Family Access

Path: Family Access\Teacher Conferences

Note: Each school opens access to Teacher Conferences at a different time. Contact your school if you have questions about when you are able to sign up.

Teacher Conferences

  1. Select Teacher Conferences tab on the left.
  2. If the teacher has setup conference times, Click on All conferences.


    All Conferences


  3. Click on Select a Time to see the available time slots.


    Conference Time


  4. Click the Select option on the time that works for the family member currently logged in.


    Note: If all guardians are attending the same time slot, only one guardian needs to sign up for a conference time. In the event a guardian needs a different time slot, they need to login to Family Access and select a different time.

  5. Click the Savebutton after verifying the conference information.


    Verify Save



Making Changes to Scheduled Times

Scheduled Conference

  1. To make a change to a previously scheduled Conference time. Click on View scheduled Time.
  2. Click on Unschedule.
  3. Click the Save button after verifying the cancellation information.
  4. To select a different time, begin from Step 2 above.