Parking & Traffic Safety

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

AM: Students should NOT arrive at school any earlier than 8:55 a.m. There is no supervision for your children prior to this time. Students will be allowed to enter their classrooms once the first morning bell rings at 9:00 a.m. Students riding the buses will be allowed to exit the bus and enter the building to go directly to their classroom. We are asking that parents say goodbye to their children at an exterior door and not enter the building unless they need to speak to the office or a teacher.

PM: Each teacher will lead his/her group to the bus loading zone in an orderly fashion. Bus riders will be excused to the buses, car riders will be excused to the side lot or to their parents, and walkers will be excused at the covered play area. Teachers will check out their classrooms on the clipboard by the office windows. Bus riders are to immediately load buses if the bus has arrived, or they are to wait quietly in line for buses that have not yet arrived. The bus Paraprofessional will let the buses go after all children are loaded or will inform the office if there is a problem with the buses.

There is a Paraprofessional stationed at the side parking lot to facilitate students meeting parents there. Students should wait by the school; they are not to go into the parking lot unless accompanied by an adult. Please use the crosswalk with the crossing guard when crossing the parking lot with your student.

Bus Riders

Bus stop information is available on the District website. Bus stops will be posted at the schools the last week of August.

Students are expected to behave safely and properly on the bus, at the bus stops and to comply with driver’s directions. Please refer to the Issaquah School District School Bus Information for Parents and Students handbook, which the Transportation Department provides for detailed information on rules and safety procedures, student conduct citations, and other general bus information.

Should there be a question or concern about specific incidents on the bus, please contact Transportation Services at 425-837-6335.


Walkers are to enter the campus through the back fence and proceed to the school on the path. They are NOT to arrive at school before 8:55 a.m. An EA will open the back doors in the covered playground area at 9:00 a.m. Parents, please say goodbye at these doors and allow your children to enter the building by themselves. You may wait for your students at the same doors at the end of the day. The playground is unsupervised before and after school; students are not allowed there unsupervised.

Drop-off and Pick-up by Private Vehicle

Whenever possible have your child ride the bus or walk to reduce the amount of traffic and the length of the wait in the drop-off area.

The Main Staff parking lot is closed to cars during bus unloading/loading times, 8:55- 9:15 AM and 3:20-3:40 PM (1:10-1:30 PM on Wednesdays). The student drop- off and pick-up area is in the side parking lot. Please adhere to the following parameters when dropping-off and picking-up:

  1. Use extreme caution at all times; be aware that there are many cars and pedestrians, many of them children, in a small area.
  2. Be patient.
  3. Be polite to each other and the parking lot monitors.
  4. Pull up as far as possible in the drop-off lane. Go all the way to the end and safely pull close to the car in front. We want to maximize the number of students exiting and entering cars at once.
  5. Continue to drive along the sidewalk/curbed area for drop-off and pick-up as the movement of cars allows. This includes the curb near the portables and the curb by the fence. Once your car is stopped children can exit or enter your vehicle.
  6. When arriving have students ready to exit quickly. This is not the time to have to put on shoes or put books in a backpack, etc. They must be ready to go!
  7. Parents; do not exit your vehicle when in the drop-off lane. If you need to leave your vehicle to get backpacks out of the trunk, then please park in a parking spot and then escort your students across the crosswalk.
  8. During pick-up please direct your student to keep a watch out for your vehicle so they can get in as soon as it arrives. We want to minimize the waiting time of the other families still in the line.
  9. If you need to exit your car for any reason, please park in a parking spot and then use the marked crosswalk.
  10. Cross over to the school in the crosswalk only. Our parking lot is an active traffic zone; the safest place to cross is at the crosswalk.
  11. Escort your child across the crosswalk as directed by the parking lot EA.
  12. A “Good Morning” or “Hello” to the Paraprofessional and smile.