504 and IEP FAQ

How are 504s and IEPs going to be implemented and communicated to teachers. Will there be new opportunities to change accommodations as needed?  


Our teachers will have access to the 504 and IEP documents prior to the start of school year so that they are aware of the accommodations that each student might require.  We are a very collaborative staff and will continue to partner together with you to meet the needs of our students.  If you have a specific concern, you can always reach out to your student’s case manager if your child has an IEP, or the school counselor, if your child has a 504, and they can help facilitate a conversation with the school team.  We will be monitoring the learning and engagement of all of our students and will be arranging meetings after the first 6 weeks of school as needed to make any adjustments.



How will students with IEPs who need additional instructions be handled?  


We are committed to serving all of our students at Beaver Lake.  If you have specific questions about your child with an IEP, please contact your case manager and we can spend some time answering your questions and sharing our plan. 



What is your plan for students with IEPs? Will you consider face-to-face instruction for them? Will you be revising IEPs in order to support them better during distance learning? Last year’s distance learning did not really work for my 6th grader. 


Please contact your case manager and we are happy to talk through our plan with you.  As of right now, we are not authorized to deliver face to face instruction.  However, we are looking into this as soon as it’s safe to do so. 



When will I be contacted about my child’s IEP and how his class schedule will look? Will I have the chance to make requests and/or changes around this?  


Please email me and I can help connect you with your case manager. 



What is the direction for special education, and will we be getting more information about that? 


Yes, I encourage you to reach out to your case manager for more information.