Block Schedule FAQ

Will it be like a regular school day - where just like how the students move from class to class usually, will move from one online class to another where the teacher teaches and kids can also ask questions. Also, what app will be used universally to go online and attend classes? canvas? microsoft teams? zoom? Thank you so much! 


Yes, students will move throughout the day attending their classes online.   There is a built in break in between each block class to allow time to stretch, walk around, and step away from the screen.   Students will log into Canvas and click on their class.  From that class page, they might be directed to a live meeting on Zoom or Teams.  The teachers will explain which one to their students. 



I see that there is a schedule of 3 classes per day.  Will that be the time that the teacher will be online or what is that time to be used for? 


Yes, during the scheduled block of time, teachers will be creating lessons and activities for students to engage in.  There are many different ways that teachers can break apart that two hour block, and it might look a little different each day, depending on where they are in the learning cycle.  There will be a mixture of live instruction, group work, independent work, time to ask questions, checking for understanding, entry and exit tasks, and assessments throughout the unit.  Students might be asked to go to different sites, or watch videos, and then come back for discussion. Similar to when we were in the building, the teachers will be able to take the first part of the class to explain what is happening that day.   Students should sign onto Canvas every day, and within each class, information will be posted. 



What is the actual schedule? 


Please follow this link to see the schedules for our school district. 

On Monday and Thursday students will attend periods 1,2, and 3.  On Tuesday and Friday students will attend period 4,5 and 6.  On Wednesday students will attend an advisory period and will have time for independent work. 



What will happen during the two hour class sessions?  


At the middle and high school levels, each class session will include live instruction for each scheduled period. Though some live sessions may be for longer whole-class activities, often live sessions will be shorter (often 5-20 minutes at a time), focused, and interspersed with independent learning activities, instructional videos and use of interactive software.



What is the purpose in alternating schedules each day; is it to be able to transition into a hybrid model when possible?


There was a scheduling committee made up of community members, district administrators and teachers who worked during the summer to come up with the proposed schedules that were agreed upon by the district and teacher union.