Future Planning FAQ

What will happen if ISD decides to go hybrid and we are not comfortable going back? Teachers can’t do both in person and online. Will those that choose to stay home be taught by TA’s?  (I know several parents who opted for homeschool instead because of this question) 


I do know that you have an option of staying fully remote if we transition to a hybrid schedule.   Once a decision has been made to allow for a hybrid schedule, I can only imagine that we will have continued conversations with our teachers and families to determine what that is going to look like.  We might have to shift students around and regroup once we’ve identified which teachers will be teaching online and which teachers will be teaching in the building.



What if the school goes back to in person by end of fall and some parents aren't comfortable sending their kids yet to school. Will there be different teachers teaching online and their original teachers going back to in person. How does that work?

That is a great question and I don’t have all of the answers to that question right now.  I think we will have a lot of conversations about what teachers will return to the building to teach the hybrid model and which teachers will continue to deliver instruction online.  There might be some shuffling of schedules if we are allowed to come back to school in a hybrid setting.  For now, we are focusing on the fully remote and keeping our attention on how to make this the best start to the school year. 


What if during the enrollment process I said in person as soon as feasible or full online, can I change my mind based on circumstances?

I think there will be a lot of conversations with our community if the decision is made to allow students to come back in a hybrid model.  There are a lot of pieces to that puzzle around staffing and the safety of all of students and staff.  I do believe that there will be an option to stay fully online, even if we move to a hybrid model this school year. 


Has any thought been given to holding school in person but outside?

That’s an interesting idea!  Teachers have always had the option of taking their classes outside for class.   As of right now, that is not an option for our students and teachers.


During EVP, parents were presented with a surprise question. With very little information provided to us, we were asked to choose an education model for our student, for the rest of the year. Fully online, or returning to school as soon as possible. We were not told we’d need to make that decision during the EVP. With new information constantly coming to light about the virus, will our students be held to the selected choice made during an unexpected EVP poll? Or will parents have the right to make a more informed decision, if and when the time comes for in-person learning?

I do believe that we will engage in a conversation with the community if and when a decision is made to have a hybrid model at the secondary level. I agree with you, with new information being shared with us daily, we want parents to make the decision that is right for them.  We will have to partner together with parents, teachers and our district to engage in a conversation when that time comes.