Miscellaneous FAQ

Will any extra Curricular activities be offered? 


We will not be offering sports during first season.  At this time, we don’t have any virtual clubs that are being offered, but we are looking into how to have clubs this year. 




Will they have access to school library? 


We are working on the details for how to access our library, and how to check out books.  Stay tuned for more information. 




Will incoming 7th graders still qualify for National Juniors Honor Society? If so what’s the timeframe to receive the invitation indicating selection  


Mr. Christenson is our Honor Society Advisor.  We will send out information once the school year has started about what that will look like this year. 



What happened to aftercare?

The Issaquah School District will be providing childcare for K-5 students on a limited basis during remote learning. Childcare will take place at elementary schools and be limited to 40 participants per site. 

  • Due to the limited number of students and staff, social distancing and heath protocols can be adhered to by students and staff. This is significantly different than providing educational services to hundreds of students at a time as would be the case in a normal school day. 
  • While the ISD will start the year with a fully remote teaching and learning model, the district wants to serve those families who need childcare and are comfortable with their students attending our program. 
  • The School Aged Care Program has been operating under COVID-19 conditions for 6 months and staff have been able to learn and adapt to the ever changing health guidelines and conditions. 
  • The School aged Care program will not provide teaching or tutoring, but will provide access to technology so students can access their classes throughout the day. 

For more information, please visit www.bascisd.com



How are sports looking?

As far as sports, we are not having any sports during our first season.



My daughter wants be part of Math Club, how do we proceed? 


We will let you know as soon as we have more information about how to run virtual clubs this year.



Do you have a tutor list?

We do not have a suggested tutor list to share.



One of the most beneficial aspects of in-person school is social interaction for the students with each other. I understand that with COVID concerns, it's not possible to facilitate in-person interactions but has there been any consideration for creating social groups, Bulldog Bonus Time small groups, or other options for students to connect outside of the virtual classroom? Even a bi-weekly or monthly option could help kids feel connected to their peers.  


Yes, we will have Bulldog Bonus Time/ Advisory on Wednesdays.  Yes, we are working on how to create virtual clubs or a virtual lunchroom where students can interact and virtually see each other online.  Stay tuned for more information.



If I am homeschooling my student, how do I get textbooks and materials? 


We do not provide materials and textbooks if you are choosing to homeschool your students.  Once school begins and we have ensured that all of our currently enrolled students have their supplies, there might be a possibility to check out materials if we have a surplus.  Please contact us again at the end of September. 




My son was new to BLMS last year and due to the sudden closing of schools for COVID, he did not have an opportunity to get contact information for the friends he had made last year. I understand that for privacy reasons, it's not possible to publish a school directory, but it would be helpful if there was a way for kids to make those connections to exchange email addresses, gamer tags, etc. so they could interact at a safe social distance.  


All of our students will have an ISD email and will be able to communicate with each other.  I would encourage him to make friends in class and then he can send an email asking for contact information.  As a member of our PTSA, I believe you have access to a directory online.  That is another way to get connected.   We will plan on having PTSA general meetings through Zoom this year, so please come and say hello.



My son will be going to high school this year for first period for Math and they will miss first 30 minutes (8:30 to 9 am) of 4th period class On Tuesday. How can we take care of this situation. Thanks for your help. 


We will be communicating with those students that are impacted in a separate email.  We are aware of this challenge and the teacher will help communicate our plan.



What are the various challenges that our community faces because of the shift to online learning? How could we (monetary or otherwise) help?

The biggest challenge I am hearing right now from parents is trying to figure out how to balance supporting students with their online learning while working a full time job. Or families that have multiple students at different levels, in can be overwhelming and a lot to manage. I think we will continue to work together and support each other in our community. I think through the Issaquah Schools Foundation as well as through our PTSA, those are great organizations to donate to which are helping to support our students and schools. As we continue to have conversations, I will have a better understanding of what the needs are, and I appreciate your willingness to help where you can!



Looking forward to learning together - I understand that re-opening schools has many complexities - we are ok with an imperfect start and value that all school staff & student/community safety & health comes first. THANK YOU! 


Thank you for your note!



I just want to say how much we appreciate what you as part of BLMS and the entire school district has done to keep us informed and evolve rapidly to help and educate the children to the best of your ability during a global pandemic.    


Thank you for your positive message!  We can do this!  I’m really looking forward to continuing to partner together and problem solve as we navigate through this year.