New to Middle School/Beaver Lake FAQ

Curious what efforts we are putting in place to assist with on boarding new 6th graders into the system.  Selfishly, we are transferring from the Lake Washington School District and entering a new school is hard enough, let alone during these goofy times.  


We are creating an online orientation for 6th graders that will occur on August 31st, so stay tuned for more details about that event.   As an entire school, we are creating modules to be delivered the first week of school to help everyone orient to the online learning world.  We are planning mini lessons, with videos and a virtual assembly to welcome everyone back.  We met as a leadership team to identify what we are going to cover the first week of school and once that is finalized, I can let all of you know what the plan is.   Our ASB students are also excited to welcome the students back and are planning ways to keep everyone connected and engaged this year.  Our WEB leaders are 8th grade students that are trained to help transition our 6th graders to middle school and serve as a resource, mentor, and support for our students.  They will be connecting virtually to welcome our students back to school. 



Will there be a WEB Day happening before school starts?  What will that look like? Thank you! 


Yes, our 6th grade WEB orientation will be on August 31st.  It will be online on Zoom and we will be sending out more information this week.



How many different teachers kids have in 6th grade? 


A student in 6th grade has the following teachers: Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, PE/Health/Techsmart, and an elective (Band/Choir/Orchestra or a 6th grade Sampler elective) 

How is the middle school setting different from elementary? 


I would love to learn a little more about this question.  Please feel free to email me individually and I am happy to set up some time to talk with you. 



Will there be any special help for 6th graders who are not used to navigating multiple classes, on top of doing that in a remote learning environment? 


Yes, we are here to help our students.   Please don’t hesitate to reach out to a counselor, administrator or teacher to ask for help.  6th graders will also have their WEB leader as a contact.  All of our students will have a district provided email where they can communicate with each other, their teachers or will school staff.   We are developing opportunities where we are available for students to check in with us and we will be monitoring student attendance and engagement as well.  Our staff are also aware and ready to help make this a smooth, wonderful transition for all of our students.



We are new to middle school and wondering what recommendations there are for organization of subjects? The kids are going from 1 teacher to 6 with no guidance or learning opportunity.  I am anticipating some large learning curves and would love some tips/advice. 


With the use of Canvas this year, I think that will really help our students navigate through their different courses.  They will be able to log into one site and have access to their classes.  Canvas also has a built-in calendar where due dates will be displayed in one calendar for all of their classes.  We will be taking time during the first week of school, having students navigate through Canvas and practice many of the features.  I do think that having a folder or notebook for each class is helpful so that any notes can be taken within that individual notebook.  Our teachers will talk with their classes and give suggestions and ideas for how to best organize materials for their class, and they will share that during the first week of school.  With our block schedule this year, I think it will help students focus on just three subjects a day. 



Will the 7th graders have a virtual orientation with their teachers before Sept 1,2020. 


No, at this time, the only orientation planned is for our 6th graders through our WEB orientation.  WEB stands for Where Everyone Belongs.  We have 8th grade students that were selected as WEB leaders, and they will each have a group of 6th graders to serve as a mentor and guide this year.  We are planning a virtual orientation on August 31st for our incoming 6th graders.  Stay tuned for more information.